Since 2015, I’ve been blessed with the gift of travel. Since then, I’ve hiked The Great Wall of China, explored creepy Chernobyl, been tormented by an animal in the Amazon Rain Forest, and so much more. Explore the map below. Click on certain destinations & learn about that place!

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RV Camping in Devils Lake State Park

RV Camping at Wisconsin's Devil's Lake State Park Our experience at this beautiful state park in Wisconsin Our Experience RV Camping in Devil's Lake State Park On a cool early September Friday night, driving into Devil's Lake State Park didn't...

Why I decided to go to therapy

Why & How I'm Going to Therapy My History with Therapy During high school, I experienced several traumatic experiences in 1 year. I developed Depression and began to self-harm. Afraid, I told my mom what was happening and from there I'd experience my first therapist....

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