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Tony Robbins

How to Prepare for a Tony Robbin's Date With Destiny What to expect, what to bring, & other information March 2017, I attended my first Tony Robbin's event. It was Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in Los Angeles, California. My husband & I left, feeling powered up &...

How to Prepare & Rock Wanderlust 108 Twin Cities

How to Prepare for & Rock Wanderlust 108 Twin Cities. Here is all the information from a Minnesota Native & how to Rock Your Wanderlust 108 Twin Cities 2018   What is Wanderlust 108 Twin Cities Wanderlust 108 Twin Cities is held by the leading yoga festival in the...

A Yoga Vacation in Tulum, Mexico

A Yoga Vacation in Tulum, Mexico How to get there, accommodation help, tips on making the most of your vacation, non-yoga activities, & how to save money during your yoga vacation in Tulum, Mexico! Over the last few weeks, I find myself slipping "Tulum, Mexico" in my...

Our Adventure Videos

This video was created during our interview/audition process for a TLC Love show. It’s the story of the evolution of my relationship with Brock, has tons of drone footage, & memories over the last 6 or so years. The video also explains how Brock proposed in Outer Space!

This is the video that Brock played for me right before he proposed! Spoiler Alert: Brock proposed in outer Space!