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Hi, I’m Jenna, creator of The Exploring Yogini

If you’re obsessed with yoga & travel, but aren’t sure how to make your dreams come true, this page is for you.

Learn how to save money through travel hacks, read honest product reviews, tips for planning adventure trips, practice yoga sequences, and happy life goodness!

My belief is that yoga & travel make the world a better place.

The more we explore ourselves through movement whether it be of our physical body, or physical space, the higher our self-awareness and awareness for the world is. We cultivate compassion for not only ourselves, but for those around us.

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Over a year ago, I quit my “big girl job” to follow my dream of having the freedom to travel around the world doing yoga.

I began traveling in 2012, while in University. I lived in Panama for the summer working as an English teacher. I’d spend the next two years traveling the U.S. & backpacked around Italy with my best friends. After graduating from University, I went on 1 month trip around Peru & Ecuador, to get travel “out of my system.” After the trip, I committed myself to the typical American 9-5. Then 8 months later I quit my job to pursue a life of happiness & passion.

Around the same time, I received my 200 hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga. Shortly afterwards, I began teaching yoga in Minneapolis. That following summer, I followed my dreams and moved to Tuscany and taught yoga!

Currently, I’m building this community, investing in private label products, and selling on with my fiance!

I appreciate you! Thanks for being here!

Here you’ll have a friend and a traveling yoga friend.

I want to hear your stories, I want to celebrate your success’ & work with you through during challenges. I want to us to inspire one-another to chase after our wildest dreams. We find happiness when we’re connected with people who are like-minded & constantly seeking growth.

Please send me an email at any-time, I respond to every message within 24 hours.

My email is Wander [at]

Thanks for spending your precious time with me,