Why I love Wanderlust Festivals

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know that I’m always down to get down at a yoga event. Yoga on the Rocks, attending yoga retreats around the world, even Goat Yoga, I’ve been to them all. I’ve been to 2 Wanderlust 108 Festivals & I’ll soon be attending my first Wanderlust 108 Multi-Day Festival. I’ve loved my experiences so much, that I’ve extended my ambassadorship for Wanderlust! As a Wanderlust Ambassador, occasionally I get to host ticket giveaways for you! You have the opportunity to attend these festivals ‘fo free! It also means that I have affiliate links! What does that mean? The Wanderlust links in this article are “affiliate links” meaning if you were to purchase tickets through these links, I would earn a small commission. Purchasing through the link is at no extra cost to you & helps support me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Why I love Wanderlust Festivals

I love Wanderlust festivals because they’re always a great time. They play awesome music that pump you up. There are tons of different activities happening: acroyoga, aerial yoga, a huge yoga party, running, and so much more. There is literally something for everyone.

With that being said, the festivals widens your comfort zone. It allows you to try new things. My first festival, there was hooping. I was actually pretty scared to try it. I had never done anything like it before & I was scared to look stupid in front of everyone. After taking a look around me, I realized that many of the people were also new to hooping! Everyone was laughing & having a blast. From there, my fear melted away, & I decided to give it a shot.

If you go alone, you’ll meet new people! *GASP* Who would have thought!? Both years, I’ve attended the first 1/2 solo. By no means did I make life-long friends, but it allowed me to get comfortable with being alone & creating conversations with strangers!

They’re an opportunity to listening in & participate in engaging discussions & lessons. At every Wanderlust, there are panel discussions & workshops that you can participate in. These workshops allow you to soak in new knowledge & different perspectives.

I love how yoga events bring the community together. Every yoga event I go to, I know that I’m surrounded by people who have similar values & mindsets. Wanderlust Festivals is not an exception.

I love being surrounded by people from all over the world- hearing accents & trying to guess where they’re from to discussing people’s experiences from other countries. My curiousity is heightened in these types of situations. Not only does Wanderlust Festivals have the gift of bringing people from the local & state community together, but they have the unique ability to gather people from around the world together with their yoga community. People travel from around the world to attend these iconic yoga festivals!

Lastly, every $1.08, from every 108 ticket sold, is donated to a non-profit organization. This year, that organization was RED.


Thanks for taking the time to read this week’s blog post! If you’re dying to attend a Wanderlust festival, but cannot afford tickets, consider volunteering or applying for a scholarship! I hope to see you at a Wanderlust Festival soon!