Iceland Winter Packing List

Welcome to Part Three of The Exploring Yogini’s guide to backpacking Iceland!
This article will give you the confidence when packing for the chilly conditions of Iceland in the winter!

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Are you feeling fired up about your dream Backpacking Iceland trip on a budget? If so, it’s time to pack your bags!

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iceland-packingWeather-wise, I had absolutely no idea how to prepare for Iceland. When a country’s name involves “Ice”- you expect the worst, right? I assumed blizzards, ice storms, & frost bite in our future. A few weeks prior, I was stalking packing lists on Pinterest, hoping for a taste of what to expect.
I’ve despised cold weather for as long as I can remember. I hadn’t owned a pair of snowpants since my elementary school playground days. Long underwear? Never had them. Winter boots? Just a pair of fake, uggs that should have retired long before.
Upon landing, I was pleasantly surprised with the weather. It was comfortable outside! I wasn’t pained to leave the hostel. The only time that the weather felt unbearable, was when we were hunting the Northern Lights at night.
Our Iceland backpacking trip was 7-days long. Although it was a short visit, we still feel like we had an adequate time to experience this magical country! We packed light traveled with a carry-on only.
 Packing Iceland 2.JPG

Winter Packing List for Backpacking Iceland

 Bags used:
  • 1lb of Almonds
  • Kind Bars

What I Was Happy I brought:

  •   I originally debated between winter boots & my hiking boots. In the end, I chose my warm and sturdy winter boots. I was thankful for my winter boots because their had been a huge snowstorm the day before we arrived. My ankles & feet were dry despite walking in piles of snow!
  • Our tripod and DSLR camera captured stunning waterfall shots and the Northern Lights. Capturing mother nature with such detail was only possible with adequate equipment. To read about capturing the Northern Lights click here. To learn how to photograph waterfalls with a long shutter speed wander over here.


If I Could Travel Back In Time:

  •  I would have wiped off the condensation on our lens while taking photos of the Northern Lights. The foggy lens resulted in our photos being blurry. I believe the constant movement between the warm tour bus & the freezing night is the culprit of the condensation.


If you’re questioning whether you should backpack Iceland, the answer is always “Yes!” It’s full of adventure, stunning views, & endearing Icelandic tales. You don’t need a ton of time to visit, it’s easy accessible by most airports in the United States. If planned effectively, you wont require an excess of money. All you need is adequate preparation and a spirit of adventure!

I hope that this 3 part guide to backpacking Iceland has inspired you to make your dream to Iceland a reality!

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Much love to you all!