Life is a roller-coaster of emotions. 

Some days we’re elated, other days we’re miserable.

We rock our morning routine some weeks,

& other weeks we cannot be bothered to perform self care.

Sometimes we work out every other day,

and then we go weeks without a normal workout routine.

And friends, that is perfectly fine.

Here are some of the resources that I’ve created for navigating life:

Life Blogs

Tony Robbins

How to Prepare for a Tony Robbin's Date With Destiny What to expect, what to bring, & other information March 2017, I attended my first Tony Robbin's event. It was Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in Los Angeles, California. My husband & I left, feeling powered up &...

Goals: Manifest Your Destiny

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Boho Wedding: The Magical Wedding of our Dreams

Our Fairy Tale Boho Wedding Our nature-inspired wedding with hints of travel that was infused with intimate & meaningful details. Every detail of our wedding was carefully thought-out with our personalities & passions in mind. I wanted our wedding to be as unique as...