Life is a roller-coaster of emotions. 

Some days we’re elated, other days we’re miserable.

We rock our morning routine some weeks,

& other weeks we cannot be bothered to perform self care.

Sometimes we work out every other day,

and then we go weeks without a normal workout routine.

And friends, that is perfectly fine.

Here are some of the resources that I’ve created for navigating life:

Life Blogs

Our First Wedding Anniversary!

2,762 ago, I met my future best friend. 365 days ago, I promised him forever.   In the year... We've flown across the world, twice. Visited 4 continents by each others side. Spent over a month apart. We moved out of our townhome that we called home for...

Journal Prompts for Forgiveness

Journal Prompts for Forgiveness 6 questions for you to explore & to guide you to forgiveness. After my healing workshops, people ask me what made me decide to focus on healing... Well, it's because I've had a lot of challenges in my life. From Self-Harm, to Abuse, to...

Preparing to Move & Other Updates

Preparing to Move & Other Updates As I write this, I am seeing how nuts Brock & I are  with our big dreams & living life to it's fullest. WOW!   As I write this, I'm groggy from a rough night battling with the desire to sleep & a busy mind.  ...