Why we’re home 5 months early from our 6 month honeymoon.

We had these grand plans volunteer with elephants in Thailand, Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef, & Hike to Everest Basecamp.
Here’s what happened.

What happened during our 6 Month Honeymoon?

Following my yoga teacher training in India, I met my husband in Bali. After a week in paradise, he confided in me that he was feeling Depressed. He was in a funk that he couldn’t shake. 
A few mornings later, I wasn’t paying attention as I was making my coffee & poured coffee on half of my laptop. I tilted my laptop on it’s side & wiped off the water. I used it & it worked just fine… Until it didn’t an hour later. My husband woke up & instructed me to stop using my laptop and to turn it off for the following 24 hours. The next day, I hesitated as I turned it on. My fear had been manifested, I effed up my laptop. 
The following day, I was driving our moped to a yoga class. It had just finished raining and the road was wet. In Bali, the roads are chaos. Mopeds whip around cars and people. People drive the opposite direction on one-ways. Sometimes you see people driving on sidewalks. You drive too closely to the person in front of you. Well, I wasn’t fully paying attention (I admit it… I was thinking about food) & was riding someone’s bumper. They slammed on their breaks (which happens often) and I slammed on mine. The wet road paired with a sudden stop forced my bike to slip & slide down to the ground. Thankfully, a man rushed to my help. He moved traffic around me & picked myself & my bike off of the ground. My right foot, ankle, knee & elbow were bleeding as it revealed flesh. To this day, I have a crater in my foot & an ozzing knee. I cried & shook as I texted Brock “I just crashed. I’m O.K.”
Bali was absolutely magnificent. It’s a beautiful, beautiful country, but we struggled.
To be honest, it didn’t feel like our honeymoon. My husband struggled with unhappiness & I felt lonely. 
Brock was under severe stress to hire a video editor, finish creating his online Amazon course, and to produce new Youtube content. He worked so hard and produced SO little. He constantly had to overcome barriers that wouldn’t exist if we had been at home.
After my accident, I was scared to shower. Would the dirty water in my wounds make me sick? Would I get an infection? This resulted in my too-complicated showers. I’d stand half in the shower & half out. I’d wash most of my body & hair & then sponge bath my right limbs. 
In Bali, you have to push a button for your debit card to be returned to you. By habit, Brock & I are used to our card being given to us and without thinking, we grabbed our money and left. As a result, we left not one, but TWO debit cards in two ATMs.
To top it all off, a cavity that I had filled before I left the U.S. needs to be fixed. Every time that I chew on the right side of my mouth, it feels like a stabbing sensation in my tooth. Over the past month, I’ve taught myself to chew only on the left side of my mouth. As a result, my jaw has been “cracking” & “popping” profusely over the last few weeks.

With all of this, it feels right to go home

& take care of the above. Sure, we could have done all of it from the road, but we decided why should we work harder when we can work smarter? For us, we have the flexibility to fly with miles whenever we choose. We have no time constraints. We are free.
After we’ve “tied up our loose ends” we will return back to Asia to begin our 6 Month Honeymoon for the second time. We are expecting to return to Asia- at the end of March. I’m not sure where 6 Month Honeymoon will take us, but we’ll make it an amazing time. 🙂

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