How to Create a Gratitude Journal (& Why You Should!)


The Attitude of Gratitude

My senior year of college I experienced severe depression & terrifying levels of anxiety. I was attempting to live up to unrealistic expectations & false deadlines.

I  knew that I needed to make a change and intuitively I knew that the change I needed was gratitude.
I began writing down 3-5 small things that occurred each day that I was grateful for…

What I didn’t know at the time was that gratitude helps connect you to the bigger picture. It allows you to foster deeper connection with yourself, others, & even spiritually. Your gratitude is greatly connected to your happiness levels. The more gratitude you experience, the happier you are. Gratitude results in an increased positive emotions and greater enjoyment in experiences & relationships. You’ll also see an improvement in your health & ability to handle adversity.To read more about Harvard Health Publication on Gratitude click here.

Writing down 3-5 things that you’re grateful for takes minimal effort & results in maximum benefit.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Purchase a beautiful notebook

Why beautiful? It needs to be one that you’d be proud to use every single night. My first gratitude journal was an Italian leather that I had bought the previous summer in Italy. Every night, I was proud to hold it in my hands while I  wrote down my short appreciation list.

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The beginning of my journey of gratitude.

2. Get cuddled in your comfy bed (perhaps with a cup of tea- because tea is warm & cozy)

Create the trigger “If” & “Then”. For example, If I get in bed, then I write in my journal. Try to go to bed around the same time every night. I find that if I stay up late, I am much more likely to omit my gratitude list before bed.

3. Reflect & Record

Reflect on your day. Sometimes the items will come easily and other times you have to dig. Despite how big or small the item may be, write it down. It may be cuddling with the dog, drinking your morning coffee, or not getting aggressive in the car. Whatever it is, let your gratitude g r o w.

4. Divide Your Gratitude & Let it Multiply

Over time, your gratitude will become natural. Without noticing it you’ll voice your appreciation to your significant other. You’ll have more patience while sitting in traffic. You’ll find yourself being a little more kind to your waiter.  When you share your gratitude, others will pass it on thus creating a little more love in the world.

Additional Ways to Spread Gratitude:

  • While you’re waiting in-line at the grocery store or sitting in traffic close your eyes. Then think of a specific person and why you are grateful for them being in your life. Afterwards mentally send them a thank you. They’ll never know, but you’ll radiate positive energy for them.
  • Again, while you’re playing the waiting  game, create images in your mind and think about how lucky you are.
  • Talk with your friends about how you all have positively changed over the years. Talk about your friendship and other topics that are uplifting.

Spreading the Love For Others

Thank you all for reading this page. I am humbled & happy to be on your journey of a cultivating the love & courage to live your fullest life.