How to Prepare for a Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny

What to expect, what to bring, & other information

March 2017, I attended my first Tony Robbin’s event. It was Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in Los Angeles, California. My husband & I left, feeling powered up & ready to work harder than ever before.
We learned a ton of great lessons, applied some of the lessons, & met a handful of outstanding people. I connected with my Business Coach & Brock connected with his now business buddy that’s helping him build a new business. We just wrapped up a business that made us a LOT of money, and with all of this success, we decided to enroll in Date With Destiny (DWD) in Palm Beach, Florida.
For all of Tony Robbin’s virgins, here is how to prepare for Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny.
how to prepare for tony robbin's date with destiny

General Info for Date With Destiny

  • The days are LONG. The days will be extremely long. You will start at 10:30 AM & go till 1:30-3:00 AM.
  • Get connected beforehand by Joining the Facebook groups… Watch for an email from the Tony Robbins crew with details on how to join the Facebook group. Or in the Facebook Search type in  Date With Destiny + The Year + Location on Facebook.

Before our DWD, I hosted a free yoga class to get to know other people who were also interested in yoga & wellness!

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How to Prepare for Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny Other Advice:


Bring lots of clothing.

Dress in layers. The temperature at DWD was in the 40 degrees. The first night of DWD, I couldn’t pay attention in fear of losing a limb. The following days, I brought a winter coat, wool socks, & 2 zip ups.

Bring a reusable water bottle

You will be doing tons of yelling, cheering, dancing, & talking. It’s so important to stay well hydrated.

Come prepared with your Tools for Success

Bring a few pens, a notebook, & your business cards.

Bring food.

The food served at the arena/convention center will not be healthy & meal breaks aren’t guaranteed. Pack lots snacks… My favorites are hard-boiled eggs, jerky, protein bars, & salads from a grocery store’s salad bar.

Prepare your immune system

A few days beforehand, start taking Vitamin C & other supplements to help you avoid getting sick… There is a thing called “Breakthrough Flu” & let me tell you… It’s real. My husband & I got so sick during the events as did a lot of our friends. Also, bring cough drops with you.

Make the most of every minute

There will be a ton of sales pitches- leave them & network with people in the hallway. Study your notes. Make the most of this time. Don’t buy anything on impulse. They’re great salesmen & know how to use psychology to sell.
But… Take the time to rest.
The days are long, especially during DWD. Don’t be afraid to miss stuff, sleep in, or go back to your hotel to sleep & unwind. It’s physically, emotionally, & mentally draining & yet uplifting. Listen to your body. Take care of it!

Don’t settle for a partner who can’t/wont challenge you.

If you notice that your partner/group isn’t open to talking & breaking through, leave them. Find a partner/group that is motivated to change & grow. You are in charge! During both UPW & DWD, I’d move spots before/ after I met the people around me. For example, at DWD, I noticed that no one around me spoke English. I quickly moved before the night began so that I’d be around people who could speak my language. During UPW, I was sitting next to a very sweet 17 year – old, but we couldn’t connect with one another.. Her biggest concern was not wanting to join the volleyball team again & mine was WTF am I doing with my life??? It’s a bit judgmental, but I wanted to get the most of my experience.

I asked my fellow DWD attendees for advice and this is what they had to say…

Play 100% because 99% is a bitch. Many times the extra 1% will get you all the results you are looking for. 

Seriously, ask the hard questions, talk about the things that make you the most uncomfortable that you have ever been. Let everything that you’ve been holding onto GO. You’re going to Date With Destiny for change now make it happen!

If you can be on the mic, DO IT! If Tony needs a volunteer, JUMP OUT OF YOUR SEAT and do it.

This man got to be on the mic & he said that he’s literally met over 500 beautiful souls as a result of the last DWD.

Bring Gum

There will be a lot of close talking, bring gum so that you’re not self-conscious of your breath.

Bring bags of green tea.

She drank those all day ($1 cup of hot water) and she never got sick and had good energy… She also didn’t experience the crashes from coffee & other caffeine sources.

Palm Beach, Florida Specific Information:

  • There is a Whole Foods Nearby- its about a 15 minute Uber Drive & is full of healthy snacks.
  • Leave the event a few minutes early to avoid a price surge on Uber. There is no pick-up location for Uber drivers & the police wouldn’t allow for pick ups to occur in front of the Convention Center… Set your pick up location at the Hilton Hotel next to the Convention Center.
  • Stay near the Convention Center- our AirBnB was a 1/2 hour drive away which meant that we wasted an hour each day of precious sleep… This extra hour would have been so meaningful during a time when we weren’t getting much sleep.
  • There are 3 airports that you can fly into… The Palm Beach airport, Miami Airport, or Fort Lauderdale Airport near Miami. To get from Miami to Palm Beach it’s an hour Uber ride that will cost around $70 or take the Tri Rail for $20?
Pro-Tip: Tony Robbins offers an incredible discount on their events for Black Friday. Black Friday 2016, we bought 2 UPW tickets for the price of 1 with upgraded seats (so we paid for general admission but got the next level-up seats)!

Is DWD worth the price tag?

Absolutely! Investing in yourself is the best way to use your money. You’re going to learn so much about yourself, your relationships, realize old patterns, & set new goals.

There you go, everything that you need to know on how to prepare for Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny!

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