Journal Prompts for Forgiveness

6 questions for you to explore & to guide you to forgiveness.

After my healing workshops, people ask me what made me decide to focus on healing…

Well, it’s because I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life. From Self-Harm, to Abuse, to Anxiety & Depression, I’ve been through a lot.

In school, we were never taught how to deal with the challenges of the real world. And the real world is really, really hard.

We were never taught how reflect on our life & how to cope with our tragedies.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to learning about myself & learning how to heal.

This past year has been a huge year for healing for me & I cannot wait to pass on my knowledge to you!

Forgiveness for me has meant learning to look at situations with a new perspective. I learned that by giving myself & others grace that I could set myself free- physically, mentally, & emotionally. I learned that forgiveness is quite literally a GIFT that could set me FREE.

For many years, I was ashamed of the person that I had become that led to my very painful breakup with my first love.

I had to learn how to forgive family members that hurt me or didn’t treat me the way that I had expected to be treated.

I learned how to forgive myself. I realized how important it was to give myself love & compassion for my mistakes & the times that I wasn’t proud of.

Without further ado, here are your Journal Prompts for Forgiveness:

1. Think of 1 moment in your life that you haven’t healed from. A break up, a relationship with a parent, a lost job. Describe a painful moment in your life that you have been holding onto.

2. What people stepped up for me during this experience? For ex: You, family, friends, strangers. List everyone that played some role in your healing.

3. What growth did I have as a direct result from this experience? For ex: Have you built resilience or grit? Did it bring you closer to loved ones? Were you set free? Write whatever growth that you have experienced from this experience.

4. I didn’t see the positives at first. For example: I became free to be me, I found I had more time to do what I love, or I cultivated stronger relationships. Now after I’ve had time to heal, in what ways can I find gratitude from this experience? 

5. I am FREE. What potential lies in my future now? 

6. Every time I think of the situation or experience, in what perspective will I think of it now? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to focus on yourself and to heal by exploring these journal prompts for forgiveness.

Whatever emotions arose from this exercise, I want you to know that they are a 100% valid. You are a human & it is o.k. to feel all the emotions.

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With all my love,