2,762 ago, I met my future best friend.
365 days ago, I promised him forever.
In the year…
  • We’ve flown across the world, twice.
  • Visited 4 continents by each others side.
  • Spent over a month apart.
  • We moved out of our townhome that we called home for three years.
  • Started new business ventures & grew our personal brands.
Since then, we’ve evolved, had difficult converations, laughed a bunch, & so much more.
Here are some of my favorite memories from the past year:

Brock’s first campground experience, our RV Fail at Rocky Mountain National Park, & hiking in this magical National Park.

Witnessing Brock’s excitement for all the animals at a farm in New Zealand

Our 10 day Safari in Tanzania was an absolute dream come true.

I welcome our 2nd year with open arms. Every year that we grow older together, is an even better year.

Together, we’re creating a life that is full of the things that we love, giving back, learning how to communicate more openly, & living adventurously.

Thanks for reading this special blog post- if you’re curious about our wedding, I wrote about it here.  <3