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Preparing for Your First Outdoor Yoga Class

Tips for Your First Outdoor Yoga Class How to make the most of your experience (despite whatever pests may fly or crawl their way onto your yoga mat) Whether you're practicing yoga at a park, on the beach, or at a retreat center, you can't go wrong. Your class is...

11 Mobile Apps Every Travel Yoga Lover Needs

Apps That Every Traveling Yogini Needs These mobile apps will make your life a 100x easier while gallivanting around the world & maintaining a regular yoga practice. You know that tiny little computer that you bring everywhere with you? The one that's primarily...

Our Adventure Videos


This video was created during our interview/audition process for a TLC Love show. It’s the story of the evolution of my relationship with Brock, has tons of drone footage, & memories over the last 6 or so years. The video also explains how Brock proposed in Outer Space!

This is the video that Brock played for me right before he proposed! Spoiler Alert: Brock proposed in outer Space!