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2016 Travel Stats and Memories

This year was absolutely ridiculous.
I lived by the motto “YOLO” in the classiest form possible. At the beginning of 2016, I had recently embarked on a journey of freedom from a 9-5. Unsure of how long my freedom would last, I decided to say “yes” to every opportunity that presented itself to me!
Without further ado, here are the 2016 Travel Stats:

2016 Travel Stats and Memories: Countries Visited… 7 & Continents… 3

  • Favorite Countries: Iceland & Italy!
    They are full of stunning nature; think mountains, waterfalls, & volcanoes!

    • For Iceland I highly recommend touring the Vatnajokull Glacier during the winter.
    • When you visit Italy, spend several days in the Dolomites Mountains and be sure to check out Lago di Carezza!
  • Least Favorite: Colombia.
    •  Colombia is a great value for your money. It has tons of beautiful nature (mountains, oceans, jungles, etc.). Unfortunately, I got EXTREMELY sick while being there. I spent about 3/4 of my time on the look-out for the baño & then running for it several minutes later. It was very difficult to visit places when I knew I’d destroy its bathroom (that likely had no toilet paper, no hand soap, and sometimes even running water.).
      I’d love to try Colombia again in the future & give it a 2nd shot!
  • Countries visited: Iceland, Colombia,  Costa Rica, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Ukraine.
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Lago Di Carezza, Italia

2016 Travel Stats and Memories… Cities: 40

The city that surprised me the most? Kiev, Ukraine. I LOVED Kiev. The architecture is absolutely stunning & it’s a huge value to travel there on the U.S.D.
Tip: Don’t dress in sweats (like Brock and I.). Everyone here looks like they’re a super model & dressed accordingly.
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St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

2016 Travel Stats and Memories… 51 Beds Slept

I slept in 51 different beds throughout 2016. Some beds were full of fleas, an over-heated tent,  hammocks in the middle of the jungle, friend’s couches, & motel beds among many more.

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Camping at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica

2016 Travel Stats and Memories… Flights Taken: 27

2016 was the year of the airport.
Have you ever tried to make coffee at an airport using a coffee funnel & an electric water heater? If you haven’t, I don’t recommend trying it.
How about practicing yoga just a few feet away from another person in the terminal?
Eh, do it, but you will definitely get stares.
2016 we flew without access to airport lounges… Well in 2017 that’s about to c h a n g e.

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Want cheap flights? Fly Spirit. They may not be on-time but you’ll save $$.

2016 Travel Stats and Memories… Trains Taken 13

& I only got yelled at for having my feet on the seat twice!


Trains are awesome. Can we make them popular in the U.S.A.?

2016 Travel Stats and Memories… Enjoyed 3 Greyhound Buses

Let’s just say that Greyhounds always bring out an interesting crowd.

Sometimes it’s cheapest to add in a Greyhound bus when you’re en-route to a new destination. It’s time-consuming  but it can save you serious $$.

To conclude, as 2016 ends,  a 9-5 isn’t anywhere in my  near future, but (I suppose) it could happen.

Moving forward in 2017, I’m focusing on more domestic travel and planning a wedding & a 6-month honeymoon for ’18.

As always, I will live each and every day with gratitude, love, & the pursuit of adventure.

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