Apps That Every Traveling Yogini Needs

These mobile apps will make your life a 100x easier while gallivanting around the world & maintaining a regular yoga practice.

You know that tiny little computer that you bring everywhere with you? The one that’s primarily used for Facebook, Instagram, & email? Yeah that device. Did you know that it’s capable of much more than those three uses? Did you know that you can download some bomb apps that will make your yoga & travel life W A Y easier?? Yupp. Continue reading for my favorite apps!

Yoga Mobile Apps

1. Down Dog

Down Dog allows you to customize the yoga workout by theme and time. I like that the classes resemble a real yoga class unlike most Youtube videos.  The only negative to this app is that you can’t download the sequences.The free version does wonders!

Download the app here.

Image was found on the mobile app's website Down Dog

2. Airplane Yoga

Airplane Yoga teaches you airplane accessible poses with written word, videos, & voice cues. There are also a ton more tips for finding comfort during your travel days.

Mobile app costs 0.99, download it here.

Image was found on the mobile app's website Airplane yoga

3.  Yoga Studio by Gaiam

When using this app, you can choose from pre-made classes & custom classes. Search for classes by duration, ability, focus, and intensity. My favorite aspect is that you can download sequences & the videos will not take a lot of space on your phone.

The app is costs $4.99 download it here.

Image was found on the mobile app's website Yoga Studio by Giaim

4. Mindbody

The Mindbody App allows you to search for yoga studios & other fitness centers nearby. I love using their “Deals Near Me” function to find special priced packages near my hostel or hotel.

The app is free, download it here.

mobile app list for the travel & yoga practitioner - image found on the mindbody website

5. Calm

Calm is a guided breath app with soothing sounds of nature in the background. It helps you create clarity & calmness through your breath.

The app is free, click here to download it.

mobile app list for the travel yoga lover- image found on calm app website

6. Headspace

Learn how to meditate for 10 minutes a day. Headspace offers a guided meditation that makes meditating easier to achieve every day while you’re traveling.

There are various payment plans to choose from. Download the app here.

ultimate app list for the traveling yoga lover. image found on headspace.

7. Brain.Fm

This mobile app uses music to influence your brain into five cognitive states: relaxation, focus, nap, meditation & sleep.

Try for free,  then their are a variety of plans to choose from. Download the app here.

The ultimate mobile app list for the traveling yoga lover- image found on website

Travel Mobile Apps

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a text messenger app to easily communicate with friends & family while you’re abroad. It’s also a helpful tool to stay connected with travelers that you meet on the road.

This app is free, download it here.

list of mobile apps made for the traveling yoga lover image found on whats app website

2. XE Currency

This app calculates currency while you’re traveling about. You can access live exchange rates & calculate prices. I love that it’s easy to use while shopping at markets or while bartering.

App is fo’ free! Download it here.

xe currency exhange list of mobile apps for the travel yoga lover photo found on xe website

3. Uber

Uber makes getting to places easy & quick. I love taking advantage of their “Carpool” option when I’m in big cities. Carpool means that you share your ride with 1-2 other people at a time. It saves you money, helps the environment, & only takes a little extra time – like 10 minutes. Brock & I utilized this a bunch while in Los Angeles.

The app is free, download it here.

Mobile app list that makes life easier for the traveling yoga practioner. Photo found on

4. Instagram

I love using Instagram to plan trips- especially ones close to home! Whenever you see a beautiful photo & you are interested in visiting that location, click on the location above the photo. Or you can plan a trip by searching the city / place before getting there. Browse through the photos & see if any photos stand out. Click on all the intriguing photos & see if it has a more descriptive location or blurb. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to reach out to the photo’s owner, the community on IG are super kind & helpful!

The app is free, download it here.

mobile app list for the traveling yoga lover image found on the exploring yogini instagram

Planning a trip is lots of work, there are so many aspects, like flights, hostels, tours, food, to take into consideration. Don’t worry, my article, The 6 Best Travel Planning Resources, will help you easily plan & organize your trip.

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