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7 Best Travel Planning Resources

Planning travel doesn’t have be stressful. Let these resources help make planning a breeze.

Have an up-coming trip? PERFECT.

The last 4 years I have been traveling all over the world, downloading & un-downloading apps, scouring the internet, and buying guidebooks all to plan the perfect itinerary.

Travel Hack: No guidebooks are necessary, don’t buy them, they are a waste of money.

My planning style tends to be minimalistic. What I’ve learned over the years is to take it easy. Don’t over-plan. Creating a rigid schedule for a trip creates Anxiety & Frustration which can ruin a trip all-together.

These are the 7 best travel planning resources. Learn how to organize your trip, book accommodations, & sight-see at your destination…


Girls Love Travel

This Facebook group is growing at rapid speeds. Within 1 year it’s boomed to 245,473 members members. It’s badass female traveler have explored throughout the world.
If you have any questions about a destination, travel gear, awkward topics, etc. this is your go-to-place.
Easily search & find answers on the thread.
If you can’t find your answer, feel free to post your own question/topic & receive an abundance of feedback.
Erm. you must be a girl in case you were wondering…


Did you know that Pinterest is also a beautifully designed search engine? It’s kind of like the new Google.
Use Pinterest to find packing lists, how-to’s, and itineraries for your up-coming destination.
Take me to Pinterest.

Trip Advisor Destination Guides

Trip Advisor offers free city guides for select cities.
Access the guides by opening up the mobile app, searching for your destination, & clicking on “Destination Guides” then you’ll be prompted to download the content.
Visit Trip Advisor here.


Airbnb Experiences: This new concept was recently released and I am PUMPED. Airbnb experiences is a section that allows you to book a 2.5 hour tour or activity with a passionate local.
AirBnB is usually my go-to for accomodations. I love staying with hosts that feed off of travel talk. Their insight to a new city is always invaluable. With Airbnb, you can always find a price point that meets your budget. It has great features like map function and funneling your search by kitchen, wifi, etc.
If you’re new to Airbnb, click here for $40 towards your first stay. It’s a referral code meaning that I would make a tiny commission if you were to sign up with my link.
Airbnb can be accessed as a website or app.


Find hotels at a discounted rate. This website makes travel planning a little less stressful. What I like about it is you can view it’s map feature, making it easy to find if you’re near a subway line or attractions. It also has a variety of filters like free cancellations & requesting a fitness center.
Booking.com can be accessed as an app or a website.


TripIt is an awesome organizational tool for planning your trip. It makes all of your trip information easily accessible in one place. Upload flight, car rental, lodging, tour information, map, and many much more. This handy app will also send you updates about your flight, check-in reminders,
TripIt is a mobile app or website.
resources to plan your up-coming travel mobile app


Hopper is a mobile app that analyzes past data to predict when fare will be the cheapest! The app also helps you understand the airlines fee’s to ensure that you get the lowest price possible.

Download the app here and start browsing your dream destinations now!

Thanks for checking out the 6 Best Travel Resources.

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