Travelers Diarrhea, Colds, and Other Foul Symptoms: How to Not Get Sick While Traveling | The Exploring Yogini

How to avoid getting sick while traveling.

Imagine yourself roaming around Cinque Terre you’re stopped in your tracks because you felt that sudden drop in your stomach… Not the roller coaster drop but the drop that means you have to poop. NOW.

Now envision yourself hiking in one of the most gorgeous places only to feel like complete shit. You’re body is weak, the thought of food disgusts you, & you’re thinking is un-clear. After you boyfriend forces you to choke down several gulps of water, you feel it. The water quickly making it’s way up your stomach, throat, & spewing out of your mouth life a faucet. You lost all control of your body & well… it’s happening. You’ve officially puked & pooped your pants simultaneously.

Getting sick while traveling is a shitty -no pun intended- circumstance.



Step 1: Be cautious of how your food is prepared.

Don’t eat fresh vegetables if they were washed with dirty water OR if you don’t know how they were washed. If your body isn’t used to the pathogens in dirty water, it can be extremely disruptive to your digestive system. Instead, you can consume frozen veggies. Frozen veggies allow you to continue getting the vitamins & nutrients that you need.

If you’re eating out, only eat at restaurants that are busy with people happily eating. Avoid eating at a restaurant with one other person- slow business could be a sign that people don’t trust it’s service & quality.

Step 2. Consume athletic greens & Vitamins C

If you want to avoid getting sick while traveling, you need to be getting your vitamins and nutrients.
Athletic greens are a superfood drink powder that is packed full of vitamins & minerals. This is our favorite brand. Word of warning: it tastes like poo, but you quickly get used to the foul taste.

Vitamin C puts our minds at ease in helping us stay healthy. Vitamin C helps the immune system stay strong and heal wounds.

Step 3: Hand sanitizer is a must if you don’t want to get sick on the road.

You cannot count on bathrooms being clean OR providing you with water, let alone soap.
The number one way that you’re not going to get sick while traveling is to have clean hands.

Hand sanitzer is cheap & easy to carry, there is no reason to not use it while traveling. Use it before you eat, after you touch stuff that is commonly touched, and after you use the bathroom.

Slep 4: Don’t touch handles & railways.

Instead, you can lean on walls while riding the subway. You can use a long sleeve shirt to cover your hand when opening doors or pushing buttons. Don’t grasp onto the railing while riding on the escalators. It’s little tricks like this that help protect you from getting sick when traveling.

Step 5: Wearing a scarf can help prevent you from getting sick while traveling.

If people are coughing around you, or too close for comfort, cover your mouth & nose with your scarf.

Step 6: Follow CDC Guidelines for Travel Vaccinations.

I’m one who is always iffy about getting vaccinations & taking medicine. But if there is one thing that I’m cautious of, it’s being careful with traveling & remaining safe.

Here is the CDC Travel Destination Vaccination List. Simply find the country that you will be visiting & “Google” a travel vaccination clinic nearby you. Call and ask them if they can perform the recommended vaccinations. Easy-peasy!

There you have it, 6 tips to staying healthy & avoid sickness while traveling!