My favorite and least favorite memories in 2016

1. Shitting my pants while simultaneously throwing up in front of my horrified future husband in the middle of a busy trek deep in the Colombian rain forest.

Before things got shitty during Colombia’s Lost City trek.

2. Teaching my first real-yoga class. It was at 5:30 a.m. & I couldn’t even think about the class without wanting to barf. I made my students do too many chaturangas & they probably had many flattering words to use for me… Moral of the story is you’re not going to grow if you don’t put yourself out there… The more you practice, the more you learn!

I unfortunately don’t have a photo from that class, but here’s a bloated & jet-lagged Jenna on her way to a yoga class in Cartagena.

3. Turning down a strange & frightened man as he begged to hold my hand on a red-eye to Fort Lauderdale. Many hours & no sleep later, a taxi cab driver in Costa Rica up-charged me by $50 USD for a ride to my hostel! The hostel owner and I fought for what was right. It certainly wasn’t the best start for an Anxious first-time-traveling-solo-female. Lesson learned: stick up for yourself & make friends.

Hanging out with some amazing ladies at the Envision festival in Costa Rica.

4. Roaming around Orvieto, Italy with the kindest middle-aged man. Unfortunately, I was actually scared of Luciendo at first! My anxious-self questioned what his intentions were. When he was simply trying to be welcoming and kind. He showed me around the city, explained the architecture & history, & even got me into a few museums for free!

Thank you Luciendo.

5. Laying in bed and realizing that I had been cuddling with 100s of tiny worms in my sheets… Several weeks later I’d be welcomed home by fleas crawling up my ankles & shins.

Here’s a photo of my weekend away in Lake Garda, Italy… It’s when the flea infestation was occurring.

6. Achieving our first mountain summit, Bobotov Mountain. It’s apart of the Durmitor line in Montenegro, it is 2,523 meters tall. It was a treacherous climb, that caused me to be panicked the entire time.


Yep. We climbed the entire way up there!

7. Happily agreeing to go on a “scavenger hunt” with Brock (hint: I thought we were getting engaged.) I was wearing a nice strapless sundress & makeup, I was picture ready for our big moment… Instead, we were running through chest-high weeds & a swamp covering our ankles. We ran back and forth in the swamp, through various forests and private properties in the middle of no-where Minnesota.

The moment when it turns from an “What an adventurous proposal” to what the hell are we doing?

8.After wandering off of a hiking path and into an area of dense tropical plants, Brock and I sat down. He loaded a video that he tirelessly created over a period of 6-months. The first image I saw was of him releasing an object into the air that was floating towards outer space. For the next several minutes, many of our travel videos played, and eventually the Out of this World Wedding Proposal occurred. I cried because of his bravery and dedication to do something impossible. His romantic personality and robust love all brought me joy that he’s mine- now and forever. Noticing that we had been sitting among a ton of (potentially dangerous?) snakes on the island of Cabbage Key, Florida.

I am still in love with our proposal. You can watch it here.

My favorite and least favorite memories in 2016… Thank you for being the best year of my life.

It wasn’t an incredible year by luck. I made decisions- to travel, to do yoga, & to love, that would make it unforgettable. And let’s be real, my worst times really weren’t that bad.

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