Embark on a Honeymoon of your dreams with a Honeymoon Fund

What is a Honeymoon fund? Why are Honeymoon funds the bomb.com? Where do you create a Honeymoon fund & helpful tips are all covered below!



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Congratulations on your engagement! I hope that your engagement is full of love, laughs, and positive vibes.

For many reasons, I’m a huge advocate for creating a honeymoon fund… They make wedding planning a little less stressful, help you connect with your partner & guests on a deeper level, and builds anticipation for your trip of a lifetime!


What is a Honeymoon Fund?

A Honeymoon Fund is an alternative to physical gifts and money. Instead of a typical registry, you create an online database. You register for experiences, accomodations, and meals that you’d like to have during your honeymoon. Your guests choose what their gift and after your wedding, you transfer the money into your bank account to put towards your honeymoon.
honeymoon fund

Is a Honeymoon Fund Tacky? What about the haters?

No, it’s not tacky.
What is tacky is putting a 300 China Set on your registry because it’s “proper etiquette”. Think about it… Do you value material goods or experiences? Those tea cups will have to be packed into boxes each time you move. During the move, chances are pieces will break. And how many times do you think you’ll actually use them??
Personally, Brock and I didn’t encounter haters (to our faces at least.) We chose to offer a small registry through Target for people who didn’t want to participate in a honeymoon fund…
Afterall, life is all about choices. Your guest can choose to buy you a physical gift or choose to contribute to your dream honeymoon- it’s up to them.
honeymoon fund

Why we loved using a Honeymoon Fund

We loved seeing our guest’sfaces light up as they re-lived their personal experiences similar to experiences that we signed up for. These made their gifts SO MUCH MORE MEANINGFUL.
Our guests also donated to experiences that they wished that they could accomplish– like climbing part of Mount Everest. By helping us follow our dreams, they get to live vicariously through us.
By using a Honeymoon Fund, it helped us get to know our guests on a deeper level! We talked about previous experiences & dream adventures with our guests.
Personally, Brock & I have too much stuff! We try to live by the sang “Collect moments, not things.” Using a Honeymoon Fund allowed for us to accept gifts without guilt of not living by our values (of living a more minimalistic life).
Honeymoon funds take away a HUGE source of stress when planning a wedding. There is less to pay for at the end of this magical & Anxiety-provoking journey of wedding planning. Rest at ease knowing that you and your hunny will get to go on your honeymoon!
Most importantly, adventures contribute greatly to your relationship. Experiences allow you to grow and learn with your partner. It creates expereriences that only you two understand. Years later, you’ll laugh at the ridiculous experiences & relive the beautiful moments.
honeymoon fund

Image taken by Bella Notte Photography.

The Two Most Popular Honeymoon Fund Websites

Zola & Honeyfund with many other lesser-known websites.
Here is a link that compares several options to help you choose the best website for you & your guests.
For a larger list of various Honeymoon Fund websites visit this link.
honeymoon fund

Image taken in the Dolomites in Italy.

Why We Chose Zola for Our Honeymoon Fund

Zola has the highest fees but we loved that they offered photos for your listings. Being in the online business world, we know how important photos are. Us humans are visual. If we see a photo, it’s easier for your guest to imagine you (& even themselves) living that experience.
We loved that Zola offered customer service for our guests. We wanted our guests to feel comfortable adn trust that they were using a safe & secure website.
Perhaps the biggest reason we chose Zola was the fact that your guests have the option to chip in money to reach a goal (it is called “Group Gift”). Our experiences were pricey/ Zola’s flexibility meant that multiple guests could pitch in for one guest… And they got to CHOOSE how much money they gifted us with.
If you’d like to create your own Zola registry, here is a referral link– you and I will both receive $50 if you use it!

Tips for Your Honeymoon Fund

  • Explain your WHY. Why does a honeymoon fund mean so much to you? Why are you choosing that activity? How will the honeymoon of your dreams contribute to your life?
  • Use photos on your website… Again, it creates connection & excitement for the activity.
  • Create your website with a company that looks like it’s from 2018 & not 1998… Some websites offer lower fees- but if they look out-dated, your guests wont trust them and wont be comfortable entering in their credit card information.
  • Include your Honeymoon Fund URL on your bridal shower invites, your wedding website, and even your wedding invites!
honeymoon fund

My biggest advice with planning your wedding…

Plan your wedding based off of what you & your partner want. Don’t let others influence you into creating a wedding for what other people want. OH & don’t forget to breathe.

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