Live Your Travel Dreams With Money Hacks | The Exploring Yogini

If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s finding clever ways to use my money to afford travel. Traveling is my Oxygen, it’s what I adore, what I love, and what I need.

I used to think that I needed to buy less things in order to afford my passion. Then, I realized that I barely buy things! How can I cut down something when I only purchase the necessities?! Then I realized that I needed to spend less money on the things that I already buy.

Live your travel dreams by learning how you can save money & travel more with these hacks.

Quality over quantity.

Purchasing items that have a higher quality for more money is an exceptional investment. Try to purchase from companies that also offer a lifetime warranty, just in case it does break. Two favorite travel & adventure designers, Patagonia & Osprey are famous for this. To view a long list of exceptional brands with lifetime warranty’s click here. On a related note, purchase items from companies that don’t spend a lot of money on advertisements. Why?? Advertisements cost (a lot) of money and that often drives prices of items up significantly. For example: Beats has spent a fortune of money on advertising when they could have been putting that money into their product. Now let’s compare their competitor, Bose, who spends little to no money on advertising. Can you guess who has the better quality? Bose.

Buy your stuff used. 

Americans throw a way tons of stuff every single year. If you buy your stuff used, not only do you save money but you also help the planet. I literally don’t know what’s better than that. Did you know that you can purchased used items on Amazon? Search for an item like you’d normally do. Click on the item, and on the right-hand side, underneath “Other Sellers on Amazon” you’ll see the option for New & Used. Other places to search for used items is Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, & thrift stores.

Earn travel money by shopping at stores that will reward you. 

Shop at stores that will reward you for shopping at them. I love purchasing my groceries & gas from  Costco because we get a nice dividend at the end of every year. Another company that offers dividend rates to their members is R.E.I.

Use Coupons & save more money for travel.

Before you purchase an item from a website, see if they offer a coupon for signing up for their mailing list. Also look for coupons on Retail Me Not. Don’t forget to search on Google for a coupon. It’s super easy & can save you tons of money.

Sign up for a travel credit card & collect points.

Purchase everything you buy on your credit card. Also consider using your credit card shopping portal when doing online shopping, they’ll often give you bonus points. To learn more about travel credit cards please go here.

Stop treating yourself all the time & save tons of travel money.

For some reason everyone my age loves to eat out. I don’t get it. It’s a waste of time & money. You also don’t need to wear the hottest fashion trends, have your nails professionally painted, or the most expensive gym membership.

Also, don’t go out to the bars. The alcohol, buying rounds of shots, & the drunk food are all horrible for your wallet & on your health.

Instead, find cheaper alternatives or do it yourself. Invite your friends over & have everyone pitch in and help cook a meal. You can go on a walk around a lake instead of going to the movies. There are so many free or cheap activities, you just have to keep an eye out for them. Use groupon to find fun & unique experiences in the area. If you love fashion, buy your clothes used, there are tons of websites & apps where people sell their gently used clothes. Use websites like Poshmark.

Every time you think about purchasing these items, think about how many night’s at a hostel, you could buy for that same price. There are also tons of free activities that you can do instead.

Don’t buy things- borrow them.

Borrow clothes from friends, cooking utensils from your parents, & loan books from the library. The less often you buy random things that you’ll use once, the more money you will save for traveling the world. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have money instead of a Saint Patrick’s Day outfit.

Only purchase (new) items when they are on sale.

All items are bound to go on sale, practice patience. Perhaps after you’ve waited awhile, you’ll realize that you didn’t want that item after all- a.k.a. say goodbye to impulse buys. My favorite times to purchase items are during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales & during the Spring sales!