I am an RVing millennial – I have traveled throughout the globe & I have recently fallen in love with RVing. I am anything but an expert on owning a camper- instead, I’m teaching you as I learn.

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What can I say, I’m addicted to adventure… & since you’re here, I have a feeling that you are too.
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Blogs by a RVing Millennial

RV Fail at Rocky Mountain National Park

RV Fail at Rocky Mountain National Park This is How We Destroyed Our Propane Line & How You Can Avoid Making The Same Fail! Just a few weeks after we pierced a hole in our trailer, we committed our second RV Fail. Unlike the first RV Fail, No RVs were hurt in the...

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The Total Solar Eclipse in Our RV: Our Maiden Voyage

The Total Solar Eclipse in Our RV Our RV Maiden Voyage: Chasing The Great American Total Solar Eclipse Most people in the United States didn't know about the Total Solar Eclipse until July. How do I know this? My husband and I were one of the top producers of Solar...

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RV Newbie Fail… Piercing a Hole Through Our Camper

RV Newbie Fail That horrifying time we pierced a hole through our little Shasta. As a new RVer, I’m sure that you’ve felt similarily…   "What in the world was I thinking when I bought a rig?" "I know nothing about RVs..." "Why are things always...

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