Top Travel Destinations for the Yoga Lover

If you’re a traveling yoga lover, here are the 6 destinations to make a pilgrimage to!

Practice Yoga in it’s Capital: Rishikesh, India

India. Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga.

While the city of Rishikesh may be chaotic, it’s the perfect place to journey inwards and to connect with a higher power.

Rishikesh was made famous by The Beatles after they spent time at an Ashram learning Transcedental Meditatation. Even though the Beatles visited exactly 50 years ago this month, there is still a lot left to see & experience.

Visit the stunning ruins of the Beatles Ashram, dip your mala in the Holy Ganga River, get a kick out of the crazy monkeys that are everywhere, chant during the Fire Puja Ceremony, learn & visit with an Ayurveda Doctor, sing during the nightly Kirtans,  & enjoy 12 hours of noble silence.

India is a place unlike any other. 

Practice yoga on the water in Aruba

Aruba is home to one of the most famous yoga teachers , Rachel Brathen, otherwise known as Yoga Girl. Rachel created Island Yoga,  the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean. Island Yoga has 3 yoga shalas, SUP Yoga classes, a fancy boutique, and a cafe that serves the yummiest vegetarian food & gluten-free options.

Here is how you can practice with Rachel or at Island Yoga…

I went on a yoga retreat with Yoga Girl, read about it here.

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Experience the Mayan Culture & yoga in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is every traveling yoga lover’s paradise. It has fresh-pressed juice everywhere. It is fairly accessible by bike- and if you’re going somewhere far, it’s easy to hail a taxi. There are plenty of serene yoga retreat centers to choose from. Last, but far from least, those stunning turquoise waters feel incredible to soak in. When you’re not yoga-ing, you can meet with a shaman for a sweat-lodge ceremony or go to the beach for a prayer circle.
Tulum also offers Mayan Ruins, cenotes for snorkeling/scuba diving, and plenty of shops with Mayan patterns & ceramics to barter for.

Read more about Tulum, Mexico here.

I’m going back to Tulum next year and I cannot wait!

Top Travel Destinations for the Yoga Lover: Bali, Indonesia

I love, love, love Bali. In fact, I’m writing this sentence while sitting outside next to my pool in Bali.

Bali is known as the Island of Gods. Every signal day, a ceremony is being hosted. It’s a lush and vibrant atmosphere.

Asia’s largest yoga studio is located in Ubud. It has 6 yoga shalas, a center for wellness, boutique, cafe, and a juice bar. The Yoga Barn is know for attracting yogis from all over the world.

As a bonus, you can get incredible massages here for an extremely affordable price! I’ve paid $10-15 for a 60 minute massage. My personal favorite type of massage experienced here: the Lomi Lomi massage. According to Wikipedia, “Lomi, means to knead, to rub and to soothe; to work in an out… as the paws of a contented cat.” — The sentence of the quote was why I booked a Lomi Lomi massage… & it was heavenly.

Visit nearby waterfalls, indugle in gluten-free & vegetarian meals at super cute cafes, meet with a spirital healer… Ubud is a place that is booming with yoginis from across the globe!

The “Beautiful Coast” for Yoga: Costa Rica

Over the years, Costa Rica has grown a huge name for itself in the yoga world. It’s known for it’s beautiful beaches, close proximity to the United States, and the Pura Vida (a.k.a. laid back & happy) vibes that Costa Rica omits.

I visited Costa Rica in February of 2016 for the Envision Music & Yoga Festival near Uvita, Costa Rica. Envision was my first solo trip on my own. There are plenty of yoga classes in the morning with incredible instructors. There are 3 classes happening at once… Vinyasa, Acro, Kundalini, Hatha, and tons of other classes are all represented at this diverse festival. Read about my experience at Envision.

Many yoga retreats and trainings are hosted in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It’s located on the Pacific Ocean and is about a 5 hour drive to the capital of Costa Rica, San Juan. From what I’ve heard & seen in photos, it’s sunsets are incredible on the ocean!

Top Yoga Detination that I have not visited (YET 😉 )

A Close to Home Destination for Yoga: Massachusetts, U.S.A.

If you’re from the United States and aren’t able to travel for as far or as long, I suggest that you check out the Kripalu Center. Although I have yet to visit, it has been on my list for years. It’s a huge center in the middle of nature that has tons of weekend trainings and retreats. Programs include yoga, ayurveda, intergrative yoga therapy, and outdoor leadership.

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