Guided Hikes & Yoga in the Twin Cities

I’m following my curiosity & offering guided hikes & yoga events in the Twin Cities

Hello loves! I apologize for the radio-silence over the last few months, I’ve realized that blogging isn’t where my heart is at anymore. And to be honest, I’ve also have felt discouraged by my website in general!

But anyway, I wanted to share a little update. As of February, I’ve been hosting a Yoga & Hiking events here in the Twin Cities!

The Twin Cities has phenomenally gorgeous & serene parks tucked away in the cities & suburbs.



The Dream of Combining Guided Hikes & Yoga in the Twin Cities

For years, I’ve wanted to combine Yoga & Hiking together. But I let fear get into the way.

What if no one comes?

What if someone gets injured?

etc. etc.

Fortunately, as I’ve grown as a yoga instructor, I’ve become braver & more confident in my love of combining nature with movement & healing.

The reason that I fell in love with hiking is that all I had to do is put one foot in-front of the other to get to the summit. While hiking, I could take my time. That even though I was out-of-shape, I could still reach my goal.

I take this lesson & put this into action in other areas of my life- we can do what we want, as long as we keep moving towards the direction of our goal. Little-by-little, we can achieve our goals.

One of my key pillars of my business & life is to explore. Exploring ourselves through journaling & meditation. Now, together, we get to explore the world around us through checking out various parks & hiking trails around the Twin Cities!

Who are these Guided Hikes & Yoga Events for?

Anyone that is up for the adventure! If you don’t know how to do yoga or how to hike, that is a-ok, I’ll teach you everything that you need to know! If you’re alone, come anyway! My groups become friends very quickly!

Participate in A Guided Hike & Yoga Event

Please check out my EventBrite page for all upcoming Guided Hikes & Yoga Events!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy life to check out this post!