Camping at Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park

Why we loved camping there & how you can enjoy it too!

rocky mountain national park moraine park campground
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Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) has several campgrounds within it’s limits. We simply chose to go to Moraine Park because the rest had already closed for the seasons- I know, we’re super late planners who also had to push back their trip… We may have had slim-pickings BUT I wouldn’t have wanted our stay to be any different! It was absolutely perfect!

In the campground we had perfect views of the stunning mountains in the background. All-throughout the night you could hear the Elk bugeling. One one side of the campground, the Elk would get extremely close to the campsites. One morning, a coy coyote was sitting right outside the campground!

The campground is also super accessible! It’s a short drive from the major hikes, the famous Trail Ridge Road, as well as the city of Estes Park.

Other bonus’ include… a plethora of bathrooms around the grounds, the Park Ranger’s were steadfast to lend a helping hand, and the transportation shuttles picked you up from the campground which made hiking much easier.

It’s truly a magical place that is full of wildlife, the kindest of people, & super accessible!

Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park

Things to note about camping at Moraine Park Campground

  • Wind: The wind can get wicked at night. We didn’t know how to put our jacks down our first night & our trailer was bouncing back & forth ALL night. The following morning, a camper woke up to his awning destroyed. If you’re in a tent, try to get a campsite further away from the mountains so that you have more tree coverage- I’m talking about Loops B or E.
  • Bears: Their are bears. I jokingly asked the guy selling firewood when the last time bears had come around… I expected him to say I don’t know… 2012. He responded with “Oh last week! A person found bear prints on their truck. You think you lock your trucks to keep other campers out… No, you lock your doors to keep bears out!”
    What should you do? If you’re in a tent or pop-up camper, lock your food in the bear boxes that are scattered around the campground. If you’re in a HARD TOP Trailer or Camper, lock your food in there (or your car) with the windows up. Don’t forget to wipe off picnic tables after meals & wash any dishes with food on them.
  • Water: If you’re going camping during the summer & early fall months, you will have accessibility to water. Water is dispersed throughout the campground in spouts.
  • Privacy: Your privacy will depend on your campsite.
    Our first campsite A046 (Loop C) and it was AWESOME! Not only was the view of the mountains stunning, but we felt like their was enough distance from our site & the other campers.
    Our second site was A111 (Loop A). What was exciting about this site is it’s around the areas that the Elk would gather at Dusk. Unfortunately, our trailer was parked right off the road which meant people were constantly walking by our windows & we had tent campers right by our trailer…. I kid you not, I overheard the tent campers talking about having sex with Aliens…
moraine park campground

Moraine Park Campground Activities

During our 4-night stay at Moraine Park Campground, we never ran out of things to do. Rocky Mountain National Park is bursting with stunning hikes, animal watching, & drives.

Their are a variety of hikes that cater to people of all ages & abilities.

Besides sitting around the campfire, learning how to fix our propane line, & meeting other campers, here is how we spent our time:

Camp adventure at Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park

Additional Information on Camping at Rocky Mountain National Park: Moraine Park Campground

moraine park campground rocky mountain national park

How stunning is this view from Trail Ridge Road??

Photos from our stay at Moraine Park Campground & Rocky Mountain National Park

moraine park campground

A view hiking to Sky Pond. Doesn’t it look like something that you would find in Alice In Wonderland?

Skypond Hike near Moraine Park Campground

A very sunny & windy day up at Sky Pond!

moraine park campground

Pro Tip: Every person should have their own pair of binoculars. Why though? I’m a minimalist packer. Take it from me, it’s not fun waiting to use a pair while  majestic elk are chasing one-another (but you can’t see the details because they’re too far away.)

moraine park campground

One reason that I’m super turned off by most campgrounds is because I feel like everyone is crammed like sardines. Our first site, A46 had tons of space which we LOVED!

moraine park campground

Here is the view from our second campsite, A111.
Not shown: tent campers behind our trailer.

camping at moraine park campground in rocky mountain national park

Pro Tip: If you see a car or multiple cars stopped on the side of the road, look at where their camera is faced. They are watching animals!

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camping at moraine park campground
camping at moraine park campground