Renting a RV in New Zealand

 Our experience with traveling around New Zealand by a campervan!

A few months ago, Brock & I decided to pivot our travel plans from South East Asia to Oceania. We realized that we wanted to escape hot & humid climates & freaky reptiles & spiders. New Zealand has been on our bucket list for forever & we paired it with my growing obsession with RVs. Here is our experience Renting a RV in New Zealand.

Choosing our Campervan Rental

After a quick search for Campervans, I was left feeling disappointed. Most of my search yielded ugly minivans. I knew if I was going to convince my husband to live in an RV that it needed to be big.

At the same time, a couple I follow had just embarked on their journey of Renting a RV in New Zealand, and I researched their option.

I knew right away that if it were good enough for them, it would be good enough for us.

This company not only had large RVs but they also offered wireless internet for an additional cost. That’s a score for us entrepreneurs who work from the road.

We rented our RV from Wilderness New Zealand – I do want to preface that we had many issues with our rig. But there are also many things that we loved about it. We loved the wireless internet, the fully stocked rig, their handy mobile app, & their customer service. In the end, the company made up for our issues with our rig.

Other rental companies include Maui, Britz and Star RV.

What is it like Driving a RV in New Zealand?

Parking: This was my first time ever driving a motorhome. If I can do it, so can you. Our rig is 6.5 meters or roughly 21 feet. We could park in most parking lots- although sometimes it was a tight squeeze. Some parking lots have dedicated Campervan parking while others you just find a nook where you fit.

Other Drivers: I was “white knuckled” as I drove from Christchurch all the way East. I quickly learned that the other drivers aren’t exactly patient when driving on the mountain roads. I was flipped off at least once & honked at. After that first trip, as we head down the West Coast & back up to Christchurch things got way better. People were much more patient & willing to us.

Driving on the Left Side of the Road: It’s not bad at all! You’ll get the hang of it quickly & oftentimes, they have arrows painted on the road to remind you what side to drive on. Also, the drivers side is also on the “wrong side”… To be honest, I didn’t even notice!


We camped during fall (April / May). Using the Wilderness App, we could easily find campgrounds & read their reviews.

We were able to show up at every campground just before sunset and find a spot to park.

At every campground that we’ve stayed at, we’ve had access to toilets & showers.

Things to Bring

  • Tupperware & other things that you use in the kitchen that may not be provided with your rental
  • Bug Spray- the sand flies are horrible near the rivers.
  • Headlamp

Other tips for Renting a RV in New Zealand

  • Use BookMe to get online exclusive deals on excursions around New Zealand
  • Download the app “Campable” and find campsite parking at Resorts, Vineyards, Working farms, Cultural sites, & Beaches

We had an absolute blast renting a RV in New Zealand. In the end, our rig was still too small for my husband but we made many memories that we’ll never forget. From sleeping in a rainforest, to taking a helicopter over one of the steepest glaciers in the world, to sleeping peacefully next to the Kiwi birds, we couldn’t recommend renting a campervan for your trip to New Zealand.