RV Fail at Rocky Mountain National Park

This is How We Destroyed Our Propane Line

& How You Can Avoid Making The Same Fail!

Just a few weeks after we pierced a hole in our trailer, we committed our second RV Fail.
Unlike the first RV Fail, No RVs were hurt in the making of this post. Only our pride.

Leading Up to Our RV Fail:

We’re driving through the mountains of Colorado and running low on gas. We’re on our way to the Epic Rocky Mountain National Park. We stop at a tiny gas station to fill up.
Being new to this whole R.V. thing, we also decided to purchase a propane tank because we had no idea what our levels were.
*Side note: we will be buying a propane gas gauge for the 2018 camping season.
My husband does the trade while I’m sitting in the car. Lalalalalala everything is great. Our drive is relatively short- it’s only an hour or so to our campsite. Our excitement continues to build as we drive through Estes Park. It’s STUNNING. We’re energized by spotting our first animals- Elk. We check in to Moraine Campground and the camp rangers are as sweet as can be.

Realizing Our RV Fail

We back into our campsite. Everything is great. That is until we begin setting up camp.
We put the landing gear down, check.
We turn on the propane, check
Well, not really. As we’re about to turn on the tank, we realized that Brock didn’t re-attach the propane hose to the tank. During that hour of driving, our propane line was whipping around. Fingers crossed for good luck, we hook up the tank and turn it on. Then a mustard-like smell oozed from the tank. 
We’re ill prepared, and our neighbors notice that we were struggling… Was it the swearing? Or perhaps our body language that gave us away? Our neighbor gave us some tools since we had none. He suggested that we drive into Estes Park to pick up a line. We make the drive to find out that the Ace Hardware was closed. Shoot.
Back at our site, we cooked on the fire and it was awesome. We luckily had access to our generator for a few hours to charge our rig, cellphones, and other stuff.
RV Newbie Tip: Always bring a tool kit with you!

Fixing our RV Fail

The next morning, we drove to Ace Hardware… They didn’t have the right parts. They directed us to another small(er) hardware store in Estes Park. They didn’t have the right part. They then directed us to drive a little further out- no parts. At that store, they suggested we try a large camping store- Jax Outdoor store in Loveland… Only a short 1.5 hour drive away.
Finally at Jax, after spending $40, we CREATED the attachment that we hoped would fit into our propane tank. Returning to our site, our neighbor, whom I nicknamed “Our Fairy God Camper” was working on our propane line. He took our new line and set it up for us & taped it up. He asked his wife to make the concoction of soap & water and painted it on our line & tank. We turned on the tank…
$40 and more than 3 hours later, we could enjoy our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Our line was fixed. We celebrated with making an omelet on the stove top.

RV Fail Lessons Learned:

-ALWAYS connect your propane line before driving away
-Carry a tool box with you
-Fairy Camp God Campers make the world go round

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This is the 2nd RV Fail that we’ve had, RV Newbie Fail… Piercing a Hole Through Our Camper is our first. For your reading pleasure enjoy my gut-wrenching experience!

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