RV Newbie Fail

That horrifying time we pierced
a hole through our little Shasta.

As a new RVer, I’m sure that you’ve felt similarily
“What in the world was I thinking when I bought a rig?”
“I know nothing about RVs…”
“Why are things always going wrong?”
Does that sound like your inner-dialouge too??
Yes? Great. I’m glad that I’m not alone.
No? Good for you.
Here is our first RV Newbie Fail.

It was the week of our wedding… Need I say more??

We were returning our camper to it’s storage spot after experiencing one of the most incredible things that we had ever witnessed… The Total Solar Eclipse in Wyoming.

Back to the wedding: we we’re busy creating our seating chart, writing our ceremony, and contacting our vendors. Taking care of our camper was just one more thing on our to-do list.


So how did we manage our RV Newbie Fail? Brock & I learned early on, that hitching up is easier with the trunk open of our SUV. It helps us communicate somewhat well during this stressful time. He’s backs up super slow & I’m usually paying attention like a hawk.
So here is where things when went wrong…
I opened the trunk of our SUV so that I could direct Brock in backing into our storage spot… I walked behind the rig. OH IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME. Anyway, he backs up & I am laser focused on guiding him to not hit the boat that is sitting idle next to us.
That is when I heard the sound. The crunch. I ran to the front of the camper and that is when I saw the damage. The sharp edge of our trunk had ripped a whole through the front of our camper.
I cried & cried. WHY IS RVING SO HARD? Why are we always effing things up??

RV Newbie Fail: Lesson Learned

  • Invest in walkie talkies

Do you have your own RV Newbie Fail? Comment below and let me know!

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