The Total Solar Eclipse in Our RV

Our RV Maiden Voyage:

Chasing The Great American Total Solar Eclipse

Most people in the United States didn’t know about the Total Solar Eclipse until July. How do I know this? My husband and I were one of the top producers of Solar Eclipse Glasses.

February 2017 is when our Solar Eclipse preparations began. We opened our home & created a factory in our extra bedroom & living room. For 6 months, almost our entire focus was on the event. If you want to read more about our summer preparing for the Eclipse, check out A Taste of Our Summer 2017. It was rough.

If planning our trip had been up to me, I would have booked a flight to Idaho months in advance. Brock refused to set a plan until a few days beforehand.. He wanted to watch the weather patterns before we chose a spot to view. This worked out though, because 2.5 weeks before the eclipse we bought our Shasta Airflyte Vintage Camper.

On August 18th, 3 days before the event, Wyoming & Tennesse were the leading candidates. Which state did we decide to make our maiden voyage for The Great American Total Solar Eclipse?

The Naive & Clueless Captain

I was absolutely naive before I bought our little house on wheels. I knew absolutely nothing about RV Life. I poured all my research into getting answers on all the wrong things- tours of the rig, past recalls, & how to furnish our home.

Our first night, was spent in the luxurious campground called “Walmart”. We plugged our cellphones into the outlet & nothing happened! Our outlets wouldn’t charge our devices.

We peed in the dark, because we had no idea how to turn the bathroom light on. We used our toilet for #1 only & our tank filled up QUICKLY.

As we drove away from Walmart, our sweet RV neighbors from Tennessee flagged us down. They noticed that our windows were open (this could have been bad!) Sweet neighbors, thank you for helping us avoid that RV Fail.

Since neither of us had experience with RV Life, it was quickly apparent that we had a lot to learn- and we’re still learning!


Our Route

In 3 days, we covered 5 states, gawked at The Total Solar Eclipse & Mount Rushmore.

Getting Pulled Over in Montana

It was midnight & my now-husband was going 80 MPH in a construction zone. We sped past a cop & without hesitating, he whipped out from his parking spot. Lights on, he pulled us over & asked what our travel plans were. Seeing that we were two young kids, with an adorable camper, heading to see The Great American Eclipse, he let us off with a warning. 😊

The Total Solar Eclipse in Casper, Wyoming

Around 4 AM we parked our rig in a furntiure store’s parking lot. We were exhausted. We allowed ourselves to sleep for around 2 hours before we’d wake up & create a more concrete plan. Would we stay in Casper? Drive to Douglas? It all depended on the clouds.

We decided to stay in Casper. With our free time, we gave away extra glasses to people who didn’t have any or had fake Chinese glasses.

Right before totality, not a cloud in sight, the sky darkened and the air chilled. The bird’s chatter increased & the dogs barked like crazy and in an instant, the animals fell in silence. Us humans, cheered & hollered with excitement. For 2 minutes & 26 seconds my husband and I stood side-by-side absolutely speechless. We were amazed. Nature is absolutely stunning. We felt so lucky to be alive & to have experienced such an extraordinary event with the rest of the United States. For one day, politics & personal opinions aside, all of The U.S. came together to celebrate a beautiful occurrence.

Afterwards, I felt so much pride in knowing that our team helped 1,000,000 people, from Newport, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, enjoy The Great American Total Eclipse.


The Next Total Solar Eclipse in North America

Are you excited for the next Total Solar Eclipse? I know that I am! But we both will have to be patient. On April 8, 2024, the Total Solar Eclipse will be occurring in Mexico, The United States (Texas through New York), and Canada. In case you were wondering, yes, campgrounds are already taking bookings for the 2024 Eclipse! But remember- the clouds play a HUGE role in the visibility of the event. Find more information on the 2024 Solar Eclipse.

And yes, apparently campgrounds are already taking reservations! 😱

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As exhausting as those 3 days were, they were absolutely worth it. That night when I crawled into my bed at home, I couldn’t have felt more alive & content with life.

Thanks for checking out this post. I appreciate you for being here.

For those of you that are new to The Exploring Yogini, I am a Traveler, Yoga Practitioner, and new RVer. My goal is to inspire you to explore yourself and the world through travel & yoga.

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