Exchanging Magic at Her Forest by Electric Forest

I’m jet-lagged & typing furiously at my laptop at 5 AM in the morning.

I’m the queen of swallowing fear & acting with courage – only to regret that fearlessness later.

At 5 AM, the day applications were due, I sent my Artist Workshop application to one of the most well-known festivals in the United States, Electric Forest.

To be honest, I didn’t actually expect to hear back from the festival, nor be chosen to lead a workshop… When I did receive my acceptance email, I was shocked, stoked, and proud of myself. I did it. 


Her Forest

Her Forest is a private camping option for those who identify as women. You camp together, share supplies (camping gear can be overwhelming if you’re going alone), and attend sets & programs with one another. Her Forest is a beautiful community where women, despite not knowing each other beforehand, can come together and create deep connections in a short amount of time. My time spent with them was moving & special.

I had the privilege of presenting my workshop, “Release the B.S.” with the Her Forest Community. “Release the B.S.” is a self-exploration workshop where we explored techniques that change our physiology (the state of which our physical body is in… i.e. our energy levels, how our muscles feel, etc.). We explored our awareness on our thoughts & feelings through connecting with ourselves & our community. We journaled based on specific questions and discussed our realizations & breakthroughs with partners.

We smudged, danced, journaled, practiced breathing techniques, laughed, cried, & had a blast.

I wish this community had existed when I attended Envision in Costa Rica. I flew to Costa Rica alone & I was so scared to attend a music festival by myself. I would have loved if this group had existed for Envision.

Our Electric Forest Experience

Brock & I had a quick EF Experience. We arrived during the middle of the day on Thursday & had no wait times to get in. We literally had no expectations and just showed up. We didn’t know which artists were presenting. We chose to go with the flow.

Going with the flow lead us to having the best experience.

Electric Forest is like Disney for adults. We had a blast roaming around Sherwood Forest, exploring the Hangar, playing on the slack lines, & exploring every knook and corner that we could find! We loved that we parked our truck next to our tent & that the entire festival was super laid back.


Tips for Her Forest & Electric Forest

  • Bring a bar of soap… While hand sanitizer is everywhere, you will not find an area to actually wash your hands… After camping & using porta-potties for 3 nights, I wanted nothing more than to scrub my hands.
  • If you want to take a shower, you can bring a shower-in-a-bag vs. spending $10 on 1 shower.


Several weeks later & I continue to think about Her Forest & Electric Forest. I am so grateful to have experienced the energy, creativity, & people of the forest.

If you’re a woman who wants to go to Electric Forest, but don’t want to go alone, or don’t want to bring a ton of camping supplies, consider Her Forest.



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