How to Email Your Yoga Video

using the Google Drive

Send your yoga videos with a few simple clicks.


Now, once you have your video recorded on either your cell phone or your camera, how do you send it to the recipient? Oftentimes videos are too big to send as an attachment or text & if they’re short enough, the quality is seriously downsized.

Let me introduce Google Drive! It’s a game-changer in the yoga business world. By using the drive, we easily teach you how to email your yoga video with a simple link that your recipient can open. They can also save the video to their device (this feature is perfect for your yoga students who live further away from you!)

Why would you need to email your yoga video?

If you’re applying for a yoga teaching job across the world, you may need to send them a video of you teaching (trust me, I’ve done this.)

If you’re building an email list, yoga videos are a great gift to give your subscribers.

If you record something on your phone and need to edit it on your desktop, Google Drive wont ruin it’s quality.

How to Email Your Yoga Video

1. Go into your videos, find the audition video. click the “send video” icon (it’s the square with the arrow).

2. If you don’t have the Google Drive App Download it. It’s icon looks like this:


3. Send your video to your Google Drive & wait patiently for it to upload.

3. Upload your file to the drive.


4. Open the Google Drive App. Find your video & click on the three dots on the right-hand side.

4. Click “Send a Copy” & then choose the “mail” option. It will automatically prepare the file to export. Type in the email address that you’d like to send the email to.


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