Here are my lessons learned from teaching my first 100 yoga classes.

Being a new yoga teacher is confusing & scary. If you’re feeling lost, that’s o.k. Stick with it. We’re not meant to be good at something the first time around.



Following my 200-hour teacher training, I decided to take it to the mat & learn how to teach yoga firsthand. I couldn’t think about my classes without wanting to puke because y Anxiety would keep me up all night. I had to force myself to say “yes” to teaching opportunities. The key of saying yes: to not actually think about them beforehand.

I ended a yoga class 15 minutes early. I’ve farted too many times while teaching. & I have messed up my cues horrendously.

And it is that is f i n e.
We are human. No one expects us to be perfect.


Lessons Learned as a New Yoga Teacher:

  1. Your student’s *most likely* wont realize if you make a mistake (or fart) & if they do notice, that’s o.k., they don’t care. Just keep teaching.
  2. You don’t have to be the best teacher or have a flashy sequence. Students will like you & others wont. Don’t try to please every single person in the room, because you’ll never be able to please everyone. Teach from a source that is genuine, safe, & loving.
  3. Create friendships with your students. Be real with them, share your vulnerability. Your honesty creates trust between you and your student. It gives your student an opportunity to be their true & honest selves, even if it’s silently & to themselves.
  4. Create a pre-teaching ritual & make time for it EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TEACH. It’s easy to let other things get in the way before teaching – but don’t allow it to. Protect your space & energy in order to provide your student’s with a safe & loving atmosphere.
  5. If you don’t know the answer, say “I don’t know.” You have a 200-hour certification, you’re not supposed to know specifics about ailments or injuries.
  6. Every teacher has a different approach to teaching. Sometimes your teachers will contradict one another. Follow whatever makes the most sense for you. For example, one teacher may say roll your shoulders down and back, another may say to leave them as they are. Use the cues & style that resonate with you & leave the ones that don’t.
  7. Stick up for yourself & your worth. If you deserve more money, ask for it. If you don’t want to teach, say no. Be upfront about your feelings.
  8. Unfortunately, as great as people are, a studio or center may not give you your paycheck. Then you have to decide how long you want to fight for that paycheck.
  9. How to brand yourself as a yoga teacher. Making a website, & marketing yourself may not come easy, but it feels great once you’ve figured it out!
  10. How to sound confident & pitch yourself to studios, retreat centers, & festivals… Even though you have no idea what you’re doing.


Now for the next 200 classes I plan on receiving more classroom learning. I plan on becoming certified to teach Yin as well as taking an anatomy course!

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The teacher within me, honors the teacher within you.