Q & A That I Receive About
Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher

In this post, I answer the most-frequently asked questions that I receive 

Q: How have you landed gigs around the world?

A: I’ve taught at Electric Forest, a retreat center in Tuscany, the Yoga Wellness Conference in Toronto, & so much more. How did I get these gigs?

I sent BOMB pitches. A pitch is essentially a “cold” email that I send to studio owners / festivals that I want to teach for. You can learn how I pitch here.

I also have a yoga community & yoga teacher mentor that has helped introduce me to yoga event coordinators. If you don’t have a yoga mentor, I HIGHLY recommend you find one in the yoga space!

Q: Have you ever used websites like FitnessProTravel or YogaTrade to find work?

A: I haven’t! I’ve set up all my gigs abroad on my own! But I have friends who have & they seem to enjoy the work that they’ve found through it.

Q: Do you make a living off of teaching yoga?

A: I do not! I teach yoga as a passion- all the money that I’ve made from teaching yoga has gone back into my yoga business. I make my money working with my husband. 🙂 It is extremely difficult to make a living off of teaching yoga. Either you’re driving all over your city teaching at different studios, offering several yoga retreats per year, or offering high -priced online yoga programs.


Q: Where do you currently teach?

A: In order to teach at a yoga studio, you need be in one-place for a longer period of time. I currently self-host classes OR teach at events around North America. I self-host classes from my house.

The benefits of self hosting classes: I love the flexibility that my nomadic heart needs. I can teach classes whenever I want… 1 can offer classes 3 weeks in a row & then take a week off. I can teach whatever I want! I teach journaling in my classes- and most yoga studios may be hesitant to allow journaling in Vinyasa-Flow Classes.

The downfall of self hosting classes: everything is on me. I have to clean & re-arrange my house before people come over. I have to market the class- if no one shows up, it’s all on me, I can’t blame low number of students on the studio.

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