Yoga Photo Shoot Tips

From finding a great photographer, preparing for your photo shoot, 
& how to feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

Yoga instructors wear many hats… Am I right? We have to pitch ourselves to studios & festivals, plan classes, make music playlists, teach classes, post on Instagram, run our website & so much more.

Professional photos aren’t a necessity buuuuut they help us stand out from a sea of other yoga instructors. These photos look incredible on business cards. They can be printed out & posted online as marketing materials. A great headshot can be used as our profile photo on Instagram & on our resume.

As I’ve become more serious about my Yoga Biz, first creating an online presence & now connecting with festivals & studios around the world, I’ve been reunited for my love in front of the camera. Here are my best tips to help you feel feel comfortable during your yoga photo shoot!

Image by Seemless Media

My Experience with Yoga Photo Shoots

As a middle schooler, I dragged my father to a modeling call for an agency. I watched America’s Next Top Model religiously. As a high schooler, I spent my free time going on photo shoots for fun. I even created a fashion blog to go with the photo shoots! My senior year of high school, I was an ambassador for a photographer.

I’m happy that my Yoga Biz has allowed me to re-connect with my love for being in front of the camera. Since starting my yoga biz, I’ve had 2 yoga photo shoots (with 2 different talented photographers), 1 lifestyle photo shoot with a different gifted photographer, and modeled for our wedding photos & engagement photos with another mind-blowing photographer.


Image by Artessence LLC

How to Find a Photographer to go on a Yoga Photo Shoot With

  • Research and see if there are any photographers in your area that specialize in yoga photo shoots. If there aren’t, no worries, they are far & few.
  • If “Yoga Photographer in X City” doesn’t yield a successful Google Search- Try “Brand Photography in X City”. A brand photographer is experienced working with creative professionals looking to build their brand & their business.
  • Book a photographer who’s work that you LOVE. If you’re not excited about their past work- that is a red flag. Tell the photographer that you’d be hiring them to take yoga photos- make sure that they’re up for a new challenge as a photographer!

Tips to Prepare for Your Yoga Photo Shoot

  • Pick out clothes that make you feel comfortable!
    For example: my purple pants have a low waist. I don’t feel comfortable wearing my beloved crop tops with them. For the shoot above, I wore my low-rise waist pants with a long shirt so that my belly would be covered.
  • Wear an outfit that matches your brand colors- that is why I wore purple during both of my yoga photo shoots.
  • Choose a location that fits your brand.
    Do you only teach yoga studio classes? Shoot in a yoga studio.
    Do you teach corporate yoga classes? Perhaps go with a city photo shoot during lunchtime… That way people in the background are wearing their corporate clothes.
    Do you aspire to teach at yoga festivals or teach park yoga classes? Have your photo shoot at a park.
  • If your photos are of you teaching a class, brainstorm ideas to ensure students attend your class.
    For example: I chose to host a drawing for a Lululemon yoga mat.
  • Have an open conversation with your photographer about how you’re feeling in regards to the shoot.
    What are you looking forward to? Are you nervous about anything? Is their a part of your body that makes you uncomfortable?
  • If you’re like me & are uncomfortable with your feet, a pedicure before the shoot may be helpful!
  • If you don’t like being in front of the camera, bring a friend. A friend, that can help ease your nerves and maybe even make you laugh, is an excellent way to help you feel more comfortable during your photo shoot.

Image by Seemless Media

Incorporate Your Teaching & Practicing Style Into the Shoot

  • If you teach power yoga, go with STRONG poses. If you’re a yin teacher, grounding poses are great to shoot.
  • If you teach meditation, journaling, or breath techniques, incorporate them into your shoot!
  • On Instagram, head to the popular yogini’s profiles. “Bookmark” photos of poses that you can do that look gorgeous. When it comes to yoga photos, it’s all about the angles. Show your photographer these photos beforehand so that they can see what yoga photography looks like. My favorite yoga photographer to bookmark is Robert Sturman.
    Quick Tip: If you want photos for Instagram & marketing fliers, have your photographer take VERTICAL PHOTOS.
    If you need photos for your website & blog, have your photographer take HORIZONTAL PHOTOS.
    I ask for both since I do a little bit of everything.
    Quick Tip #2: Make sure that you’re BIG in your photos.
    Your pose that takes up more space in the shot is better because the eye doesn’t have to search for where you are. You’re the center of the attention & your audience knows exactly what is going on in the photo.
  • Only choose poses that you know how to do. Don’t choose wheel if you don’t practice it in real-life.
    1. It can be dangerous 2. Your alignment may be seriously compromised 3. Chances are, you won’t like the way the photo looks.

Day Of- Yoga Photo Shoot Tips

  • Live your day like you normally would!
  • Not only look, but feel your best! If you don’t like putting on makeup or adding volume to your hair, don’t do it today.
  • Don’t forget to eat. If you’re nervous about bloating, eat something safe like a salad. 🙂
  • Don’t forget to communicate your feelings & ideas with your photographer!!
  • Have fun!

Thank you so much for checking out this week’s blog post! I had just as much writing this post as I have fun in front of the camera! If you have any questions or any tips to add, please don’t hesitate to comment below!