How to Teach Yoga Abroad

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So you want to teach yoga abroad?

You want the ability to travel internationally & to do what you love- to teach yoga.

Fortunately, there are many places looking for traveling yoga teachers as the industry is currently booming… Unfortunately, it’s an over-saturated market.

On the bright-side there are many ways to make yourself stand out & kick ass.

So what are you waiting for?
Move your asana & let’s get started!

Learn how to pitch yourself to yoga studios, retreat centers, & hotels around the world.

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Questions to Ask Yourself…

  1. Who do I know that could help me find a yoga teaching job abroad?
  2. What climate do I see myself working in (Hot or cold climate? Studio that is inside/outside? etc.)
  3. What type of yoga do I want to teach?
  4. What time of the year do I want to teach? How many months do I want to spend internationally?
  5. What is my worth? Do I have bills to pay? Am I o.k. teaching for room & board only? How will I make an additional income while being away?
  6. How much do I expect to travel while living in that country?

Create a Kick Ass Yoga Teacher Resume.

  • Sign up for a free account with Canva – they give you beautiful design templates for free (or a small price).
  • Resume Includes:
    • A photo of you to add personality
    • Mission as a Yoga Teacher
    • Past teaching gigs
    • Workshops & Training
  • Only include related jobs & experiences! A.K.A. Don’t include your job at the mall.
    If you don’t have teaching experience, go & get it by teaching your friends & family.
  • Consider adding travel experience if you’ve already been to the country where the studio/resort is located.

For Pitching Yourself: Create a Kick Ass Services Spreadsheet

  •  Services Spreadsheet includes:
    • Your yoga teaching style
    • Services & Workshops that you’re offering to bring to the organization
    • Pricing – Can say something along the lines of:
      • $x to cover my airline ticket
      • $x per class taught
      • $x for the entire trip
      • It’s truly up to you & what you feel you are worth.
    • Schedule Availability


Finding a Potential Yoga Teaching Gig Abroad…

  • It’s best to find a job with someone who you already have a connection with. There is less competition & you can negotiate for a better deal.
    • This is how I got my gig abroad. A friend told me they knew of a fitness retreat center that needed a sub yoga teacher for the summer. I sent the fitness retreat center an email pitching myself to the owner!
  • Yoga Trade
    • Your work will most likely be work/trade meaning that you simply work for a room & food.
    • You can view job titles for free but you will have to pay an annual fee of $24 to view jobs & apply.
  • Yoga Travel Jobs
    • Yoga Travel jobs is another platform that connects yoga teachers with yoga jobs throughout the world.
    • I like the Yoga Travel Jobs lists “work exchange” “volunteer” or “paid job” next to the job’s description. This makes it easy to filter jobs based by compensation.
  • Fitness Pro Travel
    • Typically short-term gigs (1 week)
    • You will teach yoga at the resort that you’re staying at. For compensation, you will receive your accommodations at a discounted price.
    • The site offers several different membership options.
  • Work Away
    • You typically work for room & board.
    • This platform is for finding all types of work throughout the world.
  • Cold Call
    • Create a kick ass resume and sound confident. Then pitch yourself to studios, festivals, resorts, and anyone else that will listen! LEARN HOW TO PITCH YOURSELF HERE.
  • Other places to check out:
    • Cruise Lines – Search around & check out their job opportunities.

Questions to Ask a Future Employer…

  1. What will my compensation be? Will it be upfront or distributed throughout my time working? Is it based a fixed price, per class, or per student?
  2. Do I need yoga teacher insurance? Will the studio pay for it?
  3. Will I need to obtain a visa to work internationally?
  4. Is there reliable WiFi where I’ll be living/teaching? This is especially important if you plan on making money online as a digital nomad.
  5. How many classes will I teach per day/week?
  6. Is there another teacher that I can take classes from? This is nice to stay inspired & healthy in your own body.
  7. What is the studio like? What supplies does it have?
  8. What will my living quarters look like? Will I live alone or with another person? Will I live on-site or somewhere nearby?
  9. Will I have weekends off? Will I have adequate time off to travel the  country in my free time?
  10. What yoga experience does the clients typically have?
  11. How many students can I expect per class? Will I be teaching during the high or low season? Will I receive compensation based on per class &/or number of students that attend?


How to Record Yourself Teaching Yoga

A future employer will most likely want to experience your style before they hire you. They may ask for a video recording of your teaching. The recording can be anywhere from 5 minutes & longer! It totally depends.

The most easy way to record yourself is by setting up a tripod with your cellphone. If you don’t own a cellphone tripod, log onto & purchase one for around $10-20.

Now onto the good stuff…

Step One: Schedule a friend.
Teach a friend that you feel comfortable in front of.  When scheduling this recording,  ensure that you  have more time than needed. As a teacher, you don’t want to feel rushed or anxious during the recording. Your nerves will translate into your video (see below for a prime example)!

Step Two: Design a sequence that you’re proud of!
Make a sequence that is full of your favorite postures. Remember time tends to go by fly by when you’re teaching, so less is more!

Step Three: Create magic.
Set yourself up in an open room, preferably with carpet & curtains on the wall (to minimize echo).
Meditate & stretch on your own before the recording.
Then it’s time to do your thing!

Step Four: Send your art into the universe.
1. Go into your videos, find the audition video. click the “send video” icon (it’s the square with the arrow).

2. If you don’t have the Google Drive App Download it. It’s icon looks like this:


3. Send your video to your Google Drive & wait patiently for it to upload.

3. Upload your file to the drive.


4. Open the Google Drive App. Find your video & click on the three dots on the right-hand side.

4. Click “Send a Copy” & then choose the “mail” option. It will automatically prepare the file to export. Type in the email address that you’d like to send the email to.

Here is my audition video. I was so new at teaching & so unbelievably nervous! It wasn’t a kick ass audition tape, but I still got the job!

 Yoga Teacher Insurance:

You may need liability insurance while teaching internationally.

  • The Yoga Journal Teacher’s Plus Insurance will cover you for up to 30 days while abroad.
    • Sign up for it here.
  • Ask your employer if you are covered under their liability insurance.

Finding International Yoga Teacher Insurance is a pain. Yoga teacher insurance is a Western World concept. I’ll continue updating you as I find answers.

Confirm Your Work:

I wish that everyone was good to their word. But truth is, we’re all humans & mistakes happen.

This past year, I pitched myself to an old employer to teach at their New Years Eve Festival. They happily agreed & we began talking contracts, they told me they were working on it. I pitched that my compensation be enough money to cover a flight down to Panama during New Years. Prices were dramatically rising so I decided to book a ticket in good faith; I had worked with them before & trusted them. Well, two weeks after hearing no word, they sent me an email cancelling our agreement – to go with someone local & cheap. My ticket was non-refundable & I lost a ton of airline miles & money. This is a lesson that I am happy to have learned early on.

Confirm your gig with a contract in writing before you take action!
The contract should include:

  • start/end date
  • duties (amount of classes/ workshops)
  • compensation (flight stipend, room & board, food, etc.)
  • cancellation policy (what would happen if one party were to back out)

The contract may not be enforceable, but it’s better to have than have not.

 Is there anything that I forgot to address? What else confuses you about teaching yoga abroad? Send me an email if you would love extra assistance. I can help you become a traveling yoga teacher!