So you want to teach yoga abroad?

You want the ability to travel internationally & to do what you love- to teach yoga.

Fortunately, there are many places looking for traveling yoga teachers as the industry is currently booming… Unfortunately, it’s an over-saturated market.

On the bright-side there are many ways to make yourself stand out & kick ass.

So what are you waiting for?
Move your asana & let’s get started!

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Questions to Ask Yourself…

  1. Who do I know that could help me find a yoga teaching job abroad?
  2. What climate do I see myself working in (Hot or cold climate? Studio that is inside/outside? etc.)
  3. What type of yoga do I want to teach?
  4. What time of the year do I want to teach? How many months do I want to spend internationally?
  5. What is my worth? Do I have bills to pay? Am I o.k. teaching for room & board only? How will I make an additional income while being away?
  6. How much do I expect to travel while living in that country?

Create a Kick Ass Yoga Teacher Resume.

  • Sign up for a free account with Canva – they give you beautiful design templates for free (or a small price).
  • Resume Includes:
    • A photo of you to add personality
    • Mission as a Yoga Teacher
    • Past teaching gigs
    • Workshops & Training
  • Only include related jobs & experiences! A.K.A. Don’t include your job at the mall.
    If you don’t have teaching experience, go & get it by teaching your friends & family.
  • Consider adding travel experience if you’ve already been to the country where the studio/resort is located.

For Pitching Yourself: Create a Kick Ass Services Spreadsheet

  •  Services Spreadsheet includes:
    • Your yoga teaching style
    • Services & Workshops that you’re offering to bring to the organization
    • Pricing – Can say something along the lines of:
      • $x to cover my airline ticket
      • $x per class taught
      • $x for the entire trip
      • It’s truly up to you & what you feel you are worth.
    • Schedule Availability


Finding a Potential Yoga Teaching Gig Abroad…

  • It’s best to find a job with someone who you already have a connection with. There is less competition & you can negotiate for a better deal.
    • This is how I got my gig abroad. A friend told me they knew of a fitness retreat center that needed a sub yoga teacher for the summer. I sent the fitness retreat center an email pitching myself to the owner!
  • Yoga Trade
    • Your work will most likely be work/trade meaning that you simply work for a room & food.
    • You can view job titles for free but you will have to pay an annual fee of $24 to view jobs & apply.
  • Yoga Travel Jobs
    • Yoga Travel jobs is another platform that connects yoga teachers with yoga jobs throughout the world.
    • I like the Yoga Travel Jobs lists “work exchange” “volunteer” or “paid job” next to the job’s description. This makes it easy to filter jobs based by compensation.
  • Fitness Pro Travel
    • Typically short-term gigs (1 week)
    • You will teach yoga at the resort that you’re staying at. For compensation, you will receive your accommodations at a discounted price.
    • The site offers several different membership options.
  • Work Away
    • You typically work for room & board.
    • This platform is for finding all types of work throughout the world.
  • Cold Call
    • Create a kick ass resume and sound confident. Then pitch yourself to studios, festivals, resorts, and anyone else that will listen! LEARN HOW TO PITCH YOURSELF HERE
  • Other places to check out:
    • Cruise Lines – Search around & check out their job opportunities.

Questions to Ask a Future Employer…

  1. What will my compensation be? Will it be upfront or distributed throughout my time working? Is it based a fixed price, per class, or per student?
  2. Do I need yoga teacher insurance? Will the studio pay for it?
  3. Will I need to obtain a visa to work internationally?
  4. Is there reliable WiFi where I’ll be living/teaching? This is especially important if you plan on making money online as a digital nomad.
  5. How many classes will I teach per day/week?
  6. Is there another teacher that I can take classes from? This is nice to stay inspired & healthy in your own body.
  7. What is the studio like? What supplies does it have?
  8. What will my living quarters look like? Will I live alone or with another person? Will I live on-site or somewhere nearby?
  9. Will I have weekends off? Will I have adequate time off to travel the  country in my free time?
  10. What yoga experience does the clients typically have?
  11. How many students can I expect per class? Will I be teaching during the high or low season? Will I receive compensation based on per class &/or number of students that attend.

 Yoga Teacher Insurance:

You may need liability insurance while teaching internationally.

  • The Yoga Journal Teacher’s Plus Insurance will cover you for up to 30 days while abroad.
    • Sign up for it here.
  • Ask your employer if you are covered under their liability insurance.

Finding International Yoga Teacher Insurance is a pain. Yoga teacher insurance is a Western World concept. I’ll continue updating you as I find answers.

Confirm Your Work:

I wish that everyone was good to their word. But truth is, we’re all humans & mistakes happen.

This past year, I pitched myself to an old employer to teach at their New Years Eve Festival. They happily agreed & we began talking contracts, they told me they were working on it. I pitched that my compensation be enough money to cover a flight down to Panama during New Years. Prices were dramatically rising so I decided to book a ticket in good faith; I had worked with them before & trusted them. Well, two weeks after hearing no word, they sent me an email cancelling our agreement – to go with someone local & cheap. My ticket was non-refundable & I lost a ton of airline miles & money. This is a lesson that I am happy to have learned early on.

Confirm your gig with a contract in writing before you take action!
The contract should include:

  • start/end date
  • duties (amount of classes/ workshops)
  • compensation (flight stipend, room & board, food, etc.)
  • cancellation policy (what would happen if one party were to back out)

The contract may not be enforceable, but it’s better to have than have not.

Is there anything that I forgot to address? What else confuses you about teaching yoga abroad?

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