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For some unexplainable feeling, I felt highly compelled to attend the Envision Music Festival. I had no one to go with. Without thinking about it too much, I booked a solo ticket to Costa Rica & bought my ticket for Envision.

It was my first festival & I had zero idea what to expect. I had many questions & I made several mistakes on my journey to Envision.

Here’s a comprehensive list to prepare you for your first time at Costa Rica’s Envision Music & Yoga Festival.

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How to get to the Festival:

  • Fly into San Jose International Airport
    • I booked my flight with Spirit Airlines & I got a crazy deal. To see if Spirit flies from your airport, check them out here.
  • Envision Sponsored Shuttle
    • Take a shuttle between the airport and the festival for $60. Buy shuttle tickets here.
      • This is what I did & it was extremely expensive. Plan ahead & take the local bus there!
  • Car
    • Rent a car & car pool with other Envsion goers- find them here.
      • If you plan to head to the Uvita a few nights early, book your hostel ahead of time. The entire city gets booked in advanced.
  • Local Bus
    • Take a TRACOPA bus from San José to Paso Canoas and get off in Uvita, where they stop for a few minutes. This ride takes 4 hours. TRACOPA buses stopping in Uvita leave San Jose at 7:30 am, 10:15 am, 11 am, 12 noon, and 4:30 pm. Costs around $15. Buy your tickets early.
      • If you plan to head to the Uvita a few nights early, book your hostel ahead of time. The entire city gets booked in advanced.

What to Pack:

What to Not Pack:

  • A DSLR Camera. I waited forever in line to lock my camera in a safe & I never took it back out since the line was always crazy long.
  • Envision suggests bringing your own eating utensils. I chose to bring my own & I regretted it after washing my dishes for the first time. It was time-consuming & too tedious for saving a tiny bit of money. Definitely rent the utensils.
  • Leave the biodegradable body wash & shampoo behind. I never showered because the lines were too long & they were crazy expensive. ***Practice at your own risk.
  • Sleeping Bag. I thought that it would get somewhat cold at night. It doesn’t. You’re in the jungle. It was a large waste of space in my backpack.


  • Expect to pay $8-12 for a meal if you’re buying from the Envision Festival.
  • You can also purchase food on the beach for much less.
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, & Gluten-Free options are all available.
  • During the middle to end of the festival, many vendors posted signs looking for help in exchange for a free meal at the festival. It’s not guaranteed this will happen, but it’s a possibility!

The things I wasn’t prepared for:

  • You will not have access to WIFI or charging stations. I have Sprint Network & I was able to send my fiance a quick text (roaming) to let him know that I made it safely.
  • The intense sun & heat. I’d wake up in a pool of my own sweat, at 7 a.m., & I would have to evacuate my tent for how hot it was despite the early time.
  • Everyone is super sociable & down to have a great talk about life. If you’re going to the festival alone, do not worry, you’ll make friends.

My Favorite Envision Memories

  • I had no idea what to expect from Envision. It took me out of my comfort zone a 110% and I wouldn’t have changed it a bit. The first night, while gathered around the fire, I felt okay to be dancing & singing while being completely alone. Even though I was surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces, I felt comfortable. Envision is a magical place. Using magic they bring these big ideas to life. I loved wandering around and taking it all in. I loved painting on murals and watching artists create stunning artwork. I danced the night away, and learned about agriculture; Envision has a lot to teach you.
  • I loved everything about the yoga. The yoga stages were beautiful & were always full of radiant energy that pulled you in class after class after class despite the intense humidity… Fun fact, I puked in my mouth during a class because it was that hot. The teaching styles of the incredible teachers were all unique. I loved flowing in a sea of loving & kind people. Living & breathing yoga for several days, all made blissful to be living the life that I was.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Envision rent yoga mats? Nope, bring your own.
  • Will there be internet? Nope. And there wont be charging stations either.
  • Are there water refill stations? Yupp! Bring a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated!
  • How will I receive my ticket? You will receive it in an email. Save the email to your phone & get your wristband at the gate.
  • Where will I keep my valuable stuff? For a fee you can place your belongings in a “locker.” You can pay a 1 time fee to keep your stuff locked up the entire festival or pay a slightly larger price to access your stuff whenever you’d like. Make sure you put all of your stuff in 1 bag to keep it together.
  • How do I get money? Costa Rica accepts the Costa Rica Colon & the U.S. Dollar. Upon landing, use the ATM or go to a bank and withdraw money- (instead of buying money from back home or using a currency exchange business.)

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Extra Tips:

  • Join the Facebook groups before a few weeks leading up to the event. They are immensely helpful in the planning process. They’re also good for setting up carpools & making friends before you go.
    Here are the 3 groups that I found: Group 1, Group 2, & Group 3
  • If there isn’t a yoga class happening, make a little bed on the yoga stages. It’s covered from the sun & allows you to get a nice breeze as you snooze away during the hottest time of the day.
  • Leave Envision. Explore the nearby waterfall. Before you enter into the park indulge in a HUGE & frigid fruit shake- they are delicious. The waterfall is a refreshing break from the heat & humidity. It’s a great way to people watch and meet people. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, it’s also where you can cliff jump & ride down the natural waterfall. Extra bonus: it’s actually quite cold there as it’s out of the sun & you’re in natural water! How to get to the waterfall? You can hitchhike with other Envision Goers like I did OR it is a few dollar cab ride to & from the festival.

If you want to go to Envision, just G O !

You’ll meet so many loving & kind people, take great yoga classes, & have a blast dancing your butt off! You can certainly do it alone & know that you don’t have to bring a lot.

I have been compiling your questions and answering them here.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out either below, in a Youtube comment, or through email.
I am here to help!

Have you been to Envision before? What did you think? If it’s your first time going to Envision, do you have any other questions? What is your favorite yoga festival? I’m looking to attend some this summer & would love your suggestions.

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The links found in this article are “affiliate links” meaning if you were to purchase items through the links, I would earn a small commission. Purchasing through the link is at no extra cost to you & helps support me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Pura Vida!