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Tips for Your First Outdoor Yoga Class

How to make the most of your experience (despite whatever pests may fly or crawl their way onto your yoga mat)

Whether you’re practicing yoga at a park, on the beach, or at a retreat center, you can’t go wrong. Your class is going to be amazing.

As amazing as outdoor yoga is, it has it’s caveats. There may be mud, bugs, noise, etc. Mother Nature is crazy & cannot be tamed… & sometimes so are the clueless strangers that are nearby. But do not fret.

Here is how you can prepare & what to expect from your first outdoor yoga class…

Between teaching at Tuscan Fitness & my bridal park yoga classes, I’ve taught more than 60 yoga classes outside.

I love feeling the sun beating down & the wind caressing my skin. Hearing the birds afar bring a smile to the corner of my lips. Breathing in the fresh Oxygen. Flowing outside helps me feel grounded to the Earth. It’s freeing & blissful.

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Know what to bring to your outdoor yoga class

Do you need to bring money for your class? Some classes are strictly free, donation-based, & others have a specific rate. Bring enough cash with you to cove the cost.

Another consideration is do you want to practice with blocks or a strap? Your yoga teacher most likely wont be providing these at the park, since it’s a pain to transport them. Be sure to plan ahead & bring these with.

When you’re practicing outside, bring bug spray & sunscreen to protect your luscious skin. I’d try to find bug spray with the least amount of smell as the strong scent of mosquito spray can be overwhelming & cause headaches.

Lastly, bring a cheap yoga mat with you. Since you’re practicing at a park or on the beach, it’s going to get dirty & even muddy.
You can buy your yoga mat at T.J. Maxx, Walmart, & Amazon.

Here is a yoga mat that is safe & doesn’t contain PVC or other toxic materials. It’s a great price too! Although, I’ve never used it, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This is an affiliate link. 🙂


Nature yoga how to prepare for outdoor yoga

If it’s your first time attending a specific yoga class, show up early.


Some parks are huge & your GPS may bring you to a different spot in the park. Parking may be impossible if it’s a popular park. You’ll probably have to fill out liability forms. And a plethora of other random things could happen.

Trust me, yesterday, I was RUNNING to my yoga class with my purse on one side, my shoes half-on, & my heavy yoga mat in one hand, because it was street parking & I couldn’t find a spot.

Plan ahead & arrive 15 minutes early.

Yoga outside at a retreat center or at the park; outdoor yoga

Expect to get a little dirty while practicing outdoor yoga.

The bottom of your mat is going to pick up dirt, and if it recently rained, mud. Bring a mat that you don’t mind getting dirty.

If you care about having a dirty mat, you can easily wash it. Gently scrub your mat with a Pure Castile Soap & let it air dry in your tub.

Here is an affiliate link for a well-known Pure Castile Soap to keep your mat squeaky clean! A Pure Castile Soap protects your mat from disintegrating unlike other harsh soaps.

practicing outdoor yoga, at a retreat center, or at the park

 Practice patience while practicing yoga outside

Sometimes the wind will blow at 20 miles per hour nearly blowing you away while balancing on one leg. Torrential rain may show up un-invited during your first Downward Dog. Or how about a little vibrant green bug decides to savasana on your shoulder.
That is nature yoga for you.
When these instances occur, it’s easy to get annoyed, frustrated, & even angry. If it does, I urge you to come back to your pranayama or breath. Center yourself in the present moment and think of how grateful you are to be practicing outdoor yoga at that time.
Outdoor yoga, at the park, outside, in nature

Avoid wearing strong smelling scents before practicing outdoor yoga

Lavender, sweet pea, & other delicious smelling lotions & perfumes will make you highly popular… with the wrong crowd. The outcast crowd. The crowd with 8 legs & wings. The crowd that’s hungry for blood or buzzing with annoyance.

This means: avoid oils, perfumes, hair products & body sprays before your class.

preparing for yoga outdoors

 Laugh it off

If patience doesn’t work, try utilizing laughter. Laugh out loud at the ridiculousness that surrounds you. The bugs that want to be friends, the wind that howls around you, the people watching in a distance. In yoga, we have a term “Aparigraha” which means non-attachment or to let go. Release control & expectations of the perfect class.
When we welcome laughter into our practice, silliness & playfulness can take over.
practice outdoor yoga at a retreat center, park, and other nature places

Most importantly, have fun!

Practicing yoga outdoors is amazing in it’s own beautiful, quirky, unpredictable way! Practicing yoga outside, whether it be at a park, on the beach, or at a retreat center, is a magical experience. Enjoy it! If you have one bad class, try it again! Since nature is un-predictable, each class will be unique in it’s own way!

One of my favorite environments to practice yoga outdoors is at a music festival! The amazing teachers, the environment of open-minded yoginis, & live music are out-of-this-world. Feel the Flow: A Complete List of Summer Yoga Fesitvals in the U.S. will let you know what yoga festivals are happening near you this summer.

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