Summer Yoga Fun in the Sun

Take your booty outdoors & strike a pose under the bright, blue sky.

Hello! Happy Travel Yoga Lover’s month!
All of May, here at The Exploring Yogini, we’re going to be chatting about the best things in life- travel & yoga.

Welcome to week #2. Today, we’re going to focus more on traveling outside of your comfort zone. Explore yourself & the world around you by trying new yoga activities this summer!


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Now, let’s reel it back in.

Here are the special yoga classes to keep your eye out for this summer!

1. Groove Under the Sun at a Summer Yoga Festival

Yoga festivals are full of live music, outdoor classes, exploration workshops, & so much more! The length of time varies per festival. Some festivals are 1-day, a weekend, or sometimes they can be an entire.

The price also varies. 1-day festivals are around $50 U.S.D. & then the longer festival’s price varies.

If you cannot afford attending one, consider volunteering. You’d have the opportunity to attend some of the events & meet a bunch of people! Find the volunteer details & application on the yoga festival’s website.

To find a list of yoga festivals in the United States this summer go here. Their are over 60 festivals listed!!

Photo was taken at Envision Yoga Festival.

2. Groove on the Water with Paddle Board Yoga

Imagine yourself balancing on a surfboard on a beautiful lake, . Now, picture yourself moving through a yoga sequence! Sounds tricky yet exciting. am I right?
Don’t worry, you can keep your tank top & leggings on- no swimsuit is required! Find classes by Googling “SUP Yoga + Your cities name”.
Trying SUP is at the top of my summer bucket list!
Picture is from Rachel Brathen, a.k.a. Yoga Girl’s Instagram.
Yoga Girl made SUP Paddleboard yoga a hit by practicing in the tropical summer Aruba

3. Take your practice outside by finding a studio that does rooftop or patio yoga.

Yoga continually forces you to leave your comfort zone. You may be comfortable with your home studio. Challenge yourself by practicing yoga someplace new & full of strangers. A studio where yoga doesn’t typically exist.
Many yoga studios will pair with restaurants & breweries. The fun and unique yoga classes have catchy names like “Om Brewers” & “Happy Hour Yoga.”
Find these classes by following Yoga Studio Facebook pages in your city.

4. Enjoy Yoga at the Park

Envision yourself practicing yoga under the sun, with the wind blowing across your body, & birds chirping in your ears… These classes are chill & full of fun. I’m pretty confident that life doesn’t get any better than that.
Are you down, dog?
Find events by following local yoga studios on social media & Googling “Park yoga” + Your City’s Name.


Yoga in the park is the perfect way to enjoy the summer sun. Image was found on Nutrition Therapy Institute.

5. Keep an eye out for POP-UP yoga events happening in your community.

Want to let your inner adventurer soar? These atypical classes are a great way to explore new places in your city! They’re usually held at art museums, piers, farms & many other unique locations!

The best way to find these is by following various yoga studios & yoga teachers on social media.

Yoga on the farm & other special summer yoga events. Photo found on

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If you haven’t already, check out last week’s Traveling Yoga Lover’s article How to Maintain Your Yoga Practice While Traveling: 11 Experts Share Their Best Tips. Read it hurr.

tips to maintain your practice on the road

Summer 2017 is going to be one for the books.

I literally cannot wait! I’ve already bought tickets to many events & I’m trying to make plans to accomplish many more of the items on this list.

Stay tuned, next week we’ll be listing all of the yoga festivals happening near you!

New ideas to create a more exciting yoga practice Summer 2017.