Teaching Yoga in Twin Falls, Idaho

My experience at the cutest yoga studio
in Twin Falls, Idaho


Have you ever had a crazy idea?

One that scared you but also lit a spark of excitement?

I have this seemingly crazy idea of teaching yoga in all 50 states. I know that it is going to be a slow journey, but as a patient woman, I am totally fine with that.

This entire blog post has been inspired by my 5th State… Which means that I’m 10% completed with my goal!

My 5th state is Idaho! I first visited this yoga studio in 2016 as a student and now in 2018, I returned as a guest teacher!

Here is my experience teaching yoga in Twin Falls, Idaho, at Shimmy Shakti!

Teaching Yoga in Twin Falls

Throughout my weekend as a guest teacher, I hosted my workshops Blissed Out: Celebrate Yourself and Transform Yourself: Transformation Begins Here at Shimmy Shakti.

During Blissed Out: Celebrate Yourself. We specifically journaled from our heart. We explored questions like What does my soul need? We practiced various breath techniques and discussed how they can impact our life. We laughed, were silly, and smiled from ear to ear.

Transform Yourself: Transformation Begins Here we explored our values- What do we want in life & What do we want less of? We explored questions like What inspires me to be my best self? We learned a few partner yoga poses & came together as a community to support one another.

About Shimmy Shakti

Shimmy Shakti is located in Downtown Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s located in the old “Paris” building; Paris was once a  department store that has now been renovated to host other types of business’. The building’s architecture is stunning. The building is lined with red brick & has a gorgeous stairwell.

For 14 years, Shimmy Shakti has been providing the community with yoga & belly dancing classes to the Twin Falls Community. The best way to access the schedule and pricing is through their website & Facebook Page.


Photos from my first visit to Shimmy Shakti

Since I first practiced in the studio, Shimmy Shakti moved to a new location in the Paris building. Here are a few photos from 2016- I apologize for the poor camera quality.



I am so proud to have re-joined the community at Shimmy Shakti and to have had the opportunity to share my passion: yoga and journaling.

I know that in the future I will be back either practicing or teaching at Shimmy Shakti in Twin Falls, Idaho.

And a huge thank you to YOU. Thank you for being here. For reading this post. For your support. It means the world to me.

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