“Practicing” Yoga on Sanibel Beach in Florida.

The Issue With Yoga and Travel

The Exploring Yogini’s Dream:

Practicing a hot and sweaty Vinyasa flow on an island of San Blas underneath the Caribbean sun. The waves in the distance and the birds overhead make for the perfect zen playlist. You end with a blissful savasana and sip out of a freshly fallen coconut.
Traveling. Yoga.
Both are stimulating and revitalizing. Each encourages you to test your boundaries, to practice patience and forgiveness, and to seek awareness and knowledge. They are a combination that many practitioners find themselves striving for.
My beef with practicing yoga while traveling, is it’s hard, like super challenging


The Issue With Yoga and Travel : Practicing yoga while traveling is a bit like an elusive dream.

Exploring Yogini’s love traveling because it gets us out of our comfort zone. We hate travel because we desperately want our comfort zone. While we’re traveling, we give up control, consistency, and predictability. After we’re been tested and challenged from travel, we’re rewarded with a little more confidence, endurance, and knowledge.

While on the road, you’re always researching. You’re trying to locate a grocery store with healthy and fresh foods. You are constantly navigating crowds and attempting to communicate without words. You adhere to early mornings and long nights of adventurous activities. This exhaustion, leads to difficultly in maintaining a consistent yoga practice during travel. It takes a great amount of willpower on the road to wake up early or stay up later to practice yoga.

To top it off, there isn’t always space to practice a physical asana. Finding space and privacy to practice yoga while on the road is challenging. Hotels and AirBnB room’s can be be cramped with furniture. On the flip side, hostel dorm rooms and public spaces have too many people to feel zen.
It’s not easy holding balancing in a yoga pose while wearing heavy hiking boots and the Superior Wind threatens to blow you off of the cliff. Photo taken in Duluth, Minnesota.

Elusive does not equal impossible.  Here is what you can do to practice physical asana while traveling…

  • Invest in a traveling yoga mat & experience less issues with Yoga and Travel. Traveling yoga mats are thin and light, easy to pack-away, and they feel like home. My favorite travel yoga mat is YOGO. To read my review on YOGO, go here.
    I love them so much that I’ve partnered with them! Use the discount code EXPLORINGYOGINI for 15% off of your purchase.
    By purchasing a yoga mat with my coupon code, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small compensation which further helps my entrepreneurial adventure!

  • If you have (reliable) internet, you can watch my sequences! Some require stable internet & others you can download! Other online online platforms that require a stable internet connection are… DoYouYoga and YogaGlo to name a few! If you don’t have reliable internet, download the app Down Dog.
  • Book accommodations with space. To do this, look at the photos of the accommodations closely. Try to gauge if they have enough space to stretch and move. Additionally, many hotel rooms are now offering yoga rooms to let you flow your hear out. You can also try only renting private rooms in hostels. A private room guarantees your privacy, and maybe a little extra space.

  • Take advantage of downtime. You can practice yoga while you’re waiting in-line at the bus station, riding a long train, or waiting for a show. Instead of playing the waiting game, introduce a little bit of space into your body and mind.

  • Go to a new yoga studio in every city you visit. Check to see if the studio’s offer a free week or discounts for travelers. You can usually find yoga studios by searching “Yoga” in your cell phone’s map app OR in Google. f you’re in the U.S. try the Mindbody App.

  • If there is a Lululemon in town, see if they have a free community class.

  •  Invest in yourself through yoga retreats! Search for Yoga Retreats on Book Yoga Retreats and Yoga Travel Tree.

practicing yoga while traveling

Dolomites Mountains, Italy

The Issue With Yoga and Travel… Truth is, practicing yoga around the world is frustrating and challenging.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am sore, stiff, and damn guilty when I’ve gone too long without my yoga practice. As crappy as I may feel, I still can’t bring myself to practice for long periods of time during travel.

Perhaps you’ve felt the same or similar emotions towards your lack of yoga during travel. If you have, know that it’s okay you’re not practicing as often. Our yoga practice is constantly evolving and flowing through real life.

Sometimes we practice 60 minutes, other days, it’s a short five minutes. To cope, we can try other types of yoga. We can focus on meditation while on the airplane. Practice mindfulness during meals. Find a different dimension of yoga that feeds your soul.

If you’re still craving physical movement, do adventurous activities that are physically active. Go on walks when you enter into a new city. Try going on a bike-tour of the town. Go water-repelling, try scuba diving, and hike the mountains.
There are so many other ways that you can get physically active while traveling.

Although you may not feel like a yogini impostor recognize that you are still a yogini. A yogini is someone who is constantly working towards evolving her life and the world around her.
By traveling you are challenging yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. You are making friends with people that are different than you. You’re experiencing cultures other than your own. You are learning and exploring the world around you. You’re breathing and moving in new ways. All of that is yoga right there.

Sometimes you have to give up the expectation that you need a daily practice that is 60 minutes. When you give up the control, your gratitude radiates every time you do get to flow for an extended period of time. Your stiff and sore body recognizes how incredible it feels to stretch and move. Their doesn’t have to be an issue with toga and travel if we prepare ourselves & set achievable goals with our practice.

 From one yogini to another, let’s learn and evolve together, and overcome this challenging world of traveling & doing yoga.

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