Yoga on The Rocks – Should be on Your Bucket List

My Experience & Tips for you!

If I had a yoga bucket list, Yoga on the Rocks certainly would have been on it.

Last September, I was moving to Golden, Colorado temporarily, and I was stoked to do yoga at Red Rocks Amphitheater. One of our first night’s in Colorado, I looked up the schedule only to be disappointed that Yoga on the Rocks was over for the summer.

Fast forward to April 14, 2018, the day Yoga on the Rocks tickets went on sale, I purchased two tickets… Fully confident that I would somehow make a trip to Colorado work.

What is Yoga on the Rocks?

Yoga on the Rocks is a summer-only yoga event held at the world renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater. Throughout the Summer, 1000’s of yogis gather early on Saturday mornings to flow underneath the rising sun & surrounded by the magnificent red rocks. This yoga event is truly unlike any other yoga event that I have ever attended.

My Experience at Yoga on the Rocks

As we were climbing the stairs to enter the amphitheater, the beautiful sun was peaking over the red rocks. It was slowing rising and offering the warmest welcome. It was magical.

Setting up my yoga mat, I couldn’t get over the smell of booze. It was distracting & a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, after 10 minutes or so, the smell dissipated & I relaxed into people watching.

Practicing yoga at Red Rocks was the coolest environment that I’ve ever practiced yoga at. To see the sea of people flowing, the sun rising above us, & to be surrounded by the monumental red rocks was an absolute gift. As an avid traveling yogini, practicing at yoga on the rocks was a bucket list item that I was proud to cross off.

Tips for Yoga on the Rocks

  • You must purchase your tickets beforehand. The classes sell out months in advance- after they sell out, you can purchase them from a 3rd party seller.
  • Arrive around 6:15 am to see the sunrise over the Red Rocks – it is magical. Bonus: while you wait for the class to begin, there will be ample time to take photos during the Golden Hour- the best time of day to take photos!
  • Choose a spot that is in the middle / top of Red Rocks to have the gorgeous view of the sea of flowing yogis.
  • Wear sunscreen & bring sunglasses. The sun rises throughout the hour that you’re there.
  • Bring some snacks & go for a hike around Red Rocks afterwards!

Thank you so much for checking out this week’s blog post Yoga on The Rocks!