Yoga Teacher Lessons: What I Learned From My first 150 Classes

Navigating the world of teaching yoga on my own to joining a community (& how I’m making my dreams come true)

I just finished a roller coaster of emotions. I was lit up & grateful. I was also unsure & lacking confidence in myself. I felt like I had ruined my reputation with family & friends as I recently quit my 9-5 too soon after I graduated from University.

I knew a few things: that I loved travel & I that I loved yoga.

26 months ago, freshly graduated from my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I had an idea of where I wanted to go, but no idea how to get there.

Now with 2 years of teaching experience, I’ve had many yoga teacher lessons on this journey. I am excited to share them with you! The high highs & low lows.

& I did reach that idea of where I wanted to go… The goal of becoming a global yoga teacher. I’ve taught yoga amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany. I taught yoga in the adorable beach town of Tulum, Mexico. I’ve recently joined the global team of Happy Jack Yoga. I will be finishing my around-the-world 500-hour training with them. Afterwards, I have the honor of helping facilitate trainings around the world!

My newest guide is here & I am so excited to share it with you!

It’s all about how to PITCH YOURSELF as a yoga teacher!

Whether you want to teach internationally or at home, I’ll show you how to pitch yourself!

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Yoga Teacher Lessons: What I’ve learned from teaching my first 150 yoga classes

When you’re getting experience, teach for free.
Did I really just tell me to teach for free? Yes, yes I did.
During the first 1.5 years, I refused to teach for free. & guess what? I lost out on growth opportunities. Work that would have been an incredible experience. I charged what I thought I was worth… Well, to new customers, a lot of times, they don’t know the value yoga has or the value that I have… Therefore, I was worth $0. They’d reach out with wanting a private session & I’d send them a little pitch- why yoga was so great, how they’d benefit from it, & the price that I was worth… $50 per session usually. Then crickets.
I’m still pretty bitter about this situation, so I’ll try to detach myself from it. In 2012, I interned for an organization in Panama. Every year, they host this big New Years Celebration in the Jungle of Panama. I sent them this beautiful pitch. Essentially I said, I’d teach two yoga classes per day for your festival in exchange for room & board + flights. Someone in the organization happily agreed. Well, then the crickets crept up. I didn’t hear back from the Org. I ignored my gut & booked flights because the prices were going up. Right after booking my flights, they emailed me to tell me that they could no longer honor our agreement. That they would look for someone local & cheaper to teach yoga. Ouch.
From there, I had to options: offer to teach for free OR hit the highway.
I chose the latter.
If you are doing okay financially, intentionally undersell yourself so that you create & improve your skills. If you’re not stable with money & starting out your yoga business, I’d continue to do your other work. Also, pick up a few weekly classes so that you have a small bonus income & getting teaching experience.
I now know that when I’m introducing people to my yoga business, I usually offer to teach for free. I show them what’s possible… I show them my magic & create a relationship with them. Afterwards, I’ll try to add them to my email newsletter & social media accounts. From there, I trust that we will cultivate a relationship & later on, when I have a training or a retreat, they will buy.
(This is a technique that is used by Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s called “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook”.)
↓ Learn from the marketing master 
 Learn as much as you can.
Knowledge is power. Enroll in weekend workshops, week-long trainings, participate in online webinars. Then take the lessons & practice them. Teach your new knowledge during the yoga classes that you teach. Talk about what you learned with your partner. Discuss the theories with the other students in the course’s Facebook Group.
The trainings that I’ve recently participated in:

Yoga Teacher Lesson: Say “Hell yes!”

Say it. Even when you’re scared. Take on as many growth opportunities as you can handle (& still stay healthy/sane). Teach in parks, for other people’s classes, & sub at new studios. These experiences will transform you into the confident & beautiful yoga teacher that you’re meant to be.

Find (or Create Your) Community.

In the yoga world, it’s  about who you know. I’ve gotten the majority of my work through people that I’ve done trainings with or have met online.

My biggest advice: attend as many trainings, be active in Facebook groups, go to new yoga studios, & whatever else that you can do to meet people who are also in the wellness industry. Collaborate with these people. Teach at their studios, hosts workshops together, go on yoga retreats with one another.

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