A Yoga Vacation in Tulum, Mexico

How to get there, accommodation help, tips on making the most of your vacation,
non-yoga activities, & how to save money during your yoga vacation in Tulum, Mexico!

Over the last few weeks, I find myself slipping “Tulum, Mexico” in my conversations. I am absolutely smitten with the month that I spent there! I swear that the place is made of magic & pixie dust. My month in Tulum allowed me to dive in deep to it’s beauty & what it has to offer. I studied yoga there, taught yoga at a hostel, participated in two Mayan ceremonies, & so much more.

Are you looking for a vacation that is easily accessible from the U.S. &  full of beauty? A yoga vacation in Tulum, Mexico might be just what you’re looking for.

What can I say, I’m addicted to adventure & yoga… & since you’re here, I have a feeling that you are too.
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Traveling to Tulum, Mexico from the Airport

Getting from Cancun is super easy! It’s about a 2 hour drive from the Cancun Airport.

Take a $20 ADO bus from the terminal to Tulum. For more info on the bus schedule, prices, & directions, go here.

Otherwise, hire a shuttle from your accommodations.

Boats on Santa Fe Beach… It’s a free public beach in Tulum.


There are so many yoga retreat centers, boutique hotels, & hostels that are dedicated to yoga. Find more information here. Airbnb’s are also an option- I stayed in an Airbnb in addition to a yoga retreat center & a yoga hostel!

Two areas that you are going to want to stay is either near Avenida Tulum OR along road 15.

Avenida Tulum is downtown Tulum. The restaurants & shops are in walk-able distance. Many of these accommodation options are a lot less expensive. You will either have to ride a bike or take transport to get to the beaches.

Road 15 is a long, long road. If you stay down here, you’re most likely going to stay at a retreat center or luxury hotel. 15 is located right along the beach. Your accommodations will have a private beach & it will be glorious. You’ll mainly stay at your resort or eat at nearby restaurants (if there are any around). A taxi is easily accessible and will cost $5/one way to get to downtown Tulum.

yoga vacation in tulum, mexico

Maya Tulum Resort – The place where I was staying for a yoga retreat.

Non-Yoga Activities

  • Participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony (also known as Temazcal) with a local shaman. We did one & it was an indescribable experience.
  • Take part in a Cacao Ceremony with local medicine women. It was a beautiful experience that is part of the Mayan Culture.
  • Visit the Grand Cenote… Make sure that you bring your swimsuit, snorkeling gear, a thick towel (for lying the grass) & a great book!
  • Rent a bike & bike down Avenida Coba/15… There are tons of bike rental shops in downtown Tulum. You can rent bikes for about $5 for a few hours! Coba/15 has a beautiful biking path, tons of juice shops & yummy restaurants, & beaches galore (you may have to sneak on one of these!) You’ll lose the bike pathway once you get on 15, but if you want to hit a lot of the restaurants, you’ll have to continue biking.
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins! I have a confession for you all… I didn’t make it to the ruins. I kept putting it off & then by the last day, I was too lazy to rent a bike & then bike there. I’ve heard that the ruins are beautiful, there is a stunning cliff overlooking the beach, and tons of gigantic lizards to gawk at.
  • Walk around the local shops of downtown Tulum & enjoy the textiles of the nearby tribes & cultures!
  • Watch a sunrise over the ocean. They are magnificent.
yoga vacation in tulum, mexico

Sunrise over Maya Tulum Resort

How to save money during your yoga vacation

  • Rent a bike or take a local bus instead of a taxi
  • Eat at the local restaurants (or cook at your accommodations!) rather than the hotel restaurants


yoga vacation in tulum, mexico

Boats on Santa Fe Beach (it’s a public beach near the Coba Ruins)

Tips for your yoga vacation in Tulum, Mexico

  • Bring lots of cash. Credit cards are not widely accepted.
  • Tulum uses the same outlets as the U.S.
  • Bring lots of sunscreen. The sun is INTENSE!
  • There are lots of vegetarian options when eating out… But there are NOT a lot of gluten-free options when eating out… One gluten-free restaurant that I loved is Burrito Amor. It is in downtown Tulum but far east on Avenida Tulum (as in you’re about to leave the city).
yoga vacation in tulum, mexico 6

Dancing with part of the Happy Jack Yoga Team on Maya Tulum Resort’s Private Beach

I’m convinced that Tulum is made of magic & pixie dust. It is an absolutely incredible place & I’m already longing to return… I have a few weddings near Cancun coming up in the next 1.5 years… I may dip down there, perhaps for my own retreat? Who knows what the future has to offer!

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