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Traveling for extended periods of times involves sacrifices. You give up a lot to receive more. Adventure activities, tours, and exhaustion make their way into your daily life. And as a consequence, our yoga practice tends to dwindle on the road.
My fiance and I recently got back from a 25 day trip to Mainland China & Hong Kong. With us, we brought along two travel yoga mats, each competitors of one another. The mats were supposed to represent “his mat” and “her mat.”
Throughout our trip, this is how it went…. One competitor yoga mat was used 6 times and the other was used 44 times.  Very early on in our trip, it became clear which mat we preferred.
Which travel yoga mat did we love so much so that we used it 7 times more than our other mat?! The YOGO Ultralight!

Buying a travel yoga mat is an investment. If you’re considering investing in a YOGO mat, you’ve come to the right place. Read a review from the road, instructions on how to clean it, & tips to make the most of your yoga mat! As an added bonus you’ll receive a coupon code to save you money!

My Experience:

I purchased my YOGO Ultralight mat after using a competitor mat for a year and a half. The competitor  didn’t meet my needs for a travel yoga mat, forcing me to purchase another one. After a thorough investigation of specifications & comparisons, I choose to purchase a YOGO mat.
I needed a travel yoga mat that was light and compact. I wanted my mat to be convenient to travel around the world with. I needed it to be anti-slip and  gentle on my knees. My YOGO Ultralight is all that and more.
It’s built-in handle allows me to carry it around with ease.  I appreciate that the YOGO Ultralight is easy to fold into a small rectangle. I can clip my folded mat to the outside of my backpack and then travel from place to place. I brought my travel mat on hikes and it added minimal weight to my backpack! As a bonus, it’s origami shape doesn’t take up much room while on the inside of my backpack.
Brilliantly, this mat protects itself from dirt & debris. It intentionally folds so that the top of your YOGO Ultralight never touches the bottom of the mat. This helps keep your mat clean… But naturally, your travel yoga mat will get dirty. How so? You will track dirt on your mat by walking on dirty hostel floors. Your dry skin will rub off of your feet and settle on the mat. When practicing outside, bugs & leaves will find savasana on your yoga mat. Fortunately, the mat has a unique pattern that masks dirt well. Since dirt is hidden, you are able to focus entirely on your movement and breath. Keep in mind that although you can’t see the debris, you should still clean your YOGO mat often.

Here are my favorite ways to clean my travel yoga mat….

  • For a light cleaning:
    • In a small spray bottle mix 5 drops each of your favorite lavender & lemon essential oil with 1/2 cup of both white vinegar & water. Spray down your mat and then wipe off the solution with a towel. If it’s damp, let it air dry before you fold it back up.
  • For a more intense scrub:
    • In the bathtub, scrub your travel yoga mat with a natural castile soap. You can use a sponge or a loofah to spread the soap evenly. Then using the handy clips on your mat, hang it on the shower curtain bar. Then let it drip try into the tub, fold it up when it’s completely dry.

Making the most of your YOGO mat:

  • Pack it on your carry on when you fly. This makes it easily accessible during long layovers. Find a quiet hallway, or knook in the airport to stretch before your flight. If you feel uncomfortable doing yoga at an airport, try to keep in mind that people don’t care. They are in a hurry to get to their gate. They’re sitting on their phones. At most, they may be curious, which is o.k… You never know, maybe you’ll inspire them to start a yoga practice of their own. Close your eyes and connect with yourself. Stretching beforehand, leaves you feeling physically and mentally open before long flights.
  • When flowing at a yoga studio, place your YOGO mat on the studio’s complimentary mat. This gives your travel yoga mat extra cushion and protects you from bacteria that’s residing on the yoga studio’s mat.

It’s clear that this travel yoga mat was created by karma driven traveling yogis for karma driven traveling yogis.
Not only is it a a breeze to travel with, but with every travel mat purchased, YOGO donates a food tree to a family in need. In addition, you also have the option to donate $1 to purchase a tree for poor farmers in Latin America & Africa. To read more about their sustainability efforts, I encourage you to check out their website here.

After I fell in love with my traveling yoga mat, I knew that I needed to get you guys a coupon code. I wrote YOGO asking if they’d give my readers a discount… And guess what, they’re awesome and said yes!

I’ve now partnered with YOGO! Log onto YOGO and use the coupon code EXPLORINGYOGINI for 15% off of your order. If you make a purchase with the coupon code, I will receive a small compensation for the referral. This compensation supports me in my entrepreneurial adventures.

Investing in a YOGO Ultralight is an investment in your traveling yoga practice. From it’s compact design to it’s unique material, the mat encourages you to maintain a daily practice while trotting around the globe.

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